American Management University Is Set to Adopt Blockchain Technology for Award Verification

The university is utilizing Certif-ID’s scannable QR technology to limit forgery of awards and optimize the verification process by employers

The term blockchain evokes a streamlined idea of cryptocurrency or NFT which has been in the news for quite some time. However, blockchain technology has enormous untapped uses and one such use was discovered by a German company, Certif-ID, which provides organizations the opportunity to use the aforementioned technology to authenticate and verify documents.

A challenge that often occurs during a company’s hiring process is the need to verify the schools attended by their potential employees. This usually means the company must call up the school to verify attendance, said dates, and awards that they were given. Unfortunately, anyone can google how to replicate degrees and transcripts with any school’s name as there is always someone to do the job for a fee. But with blockchain technology, the forgery process becomes more difficult.

The American Management University (AMU) is incorporating the Certif-ID technology to ensure that awards given can be easily verified by employers. AMU intends to rollout the usage of Certif-ID technology on their awards with their graduation ceremony scheduled to hold on the 10th of September in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. With the blockchain technology, all AMU diplomas, certificates, and honorary degrees will come with a scannable QR code in its corner and a company just needs to scan the code to assess the student’s name, academic records, and awards earned, thus simplifying the process for all parties involved. The QR code is linked to an address that is only used once and any award without the QR code will be deemed unofficial or untrue.

Armando Yepes, AMU’s legal advisor had this to say about the recent development: “We understand that there is a large market for fake degrees. As we try to grow the school, attain US accreditation and improve our image, we need to protect all AMU stakeholders”. Among those receiving awards with the new QR verification system will be Aaron Ozee who will receive an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters at the event.     

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