Aluminum Can Manufacturing Companies Raise Minimum Order for Screen Printed Cans Pricing Out Small to Mid-Size Craft Breweries


Breweries Cleverly Buying Blank Cans and Affixing Pressure Sensitive Labels or Shrink Sleeve Labels Using Label Application Machines.

Mentor, OH — (SBWIRE) — 01/06/2022 — A recent article by The Craft Brewing Business, details the struggle small to mid-sized craft breweries face due to rising minimum order requirements and costs for aluminum cans. The vast majority of craft breweries cannot meet the minimum order requirements and have found a creative way to get the job done. Craft breweries are taking advantage of high-speed label application machines to label blank cans with pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve labels.

Quadrel Labeling Systems is an industry leader in pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labeling equipment. According to Jerry Serafin, Sales Manager, “Craft brew has been a growing sector of our equipment sales. Our machinery is robust, simple to operate, cost effective, and lead times can have breweries ready to label quickly.”

Craft breweries have reached out to Quadrel Labeling Systems to tailor equipment to meet their label application requirements. Mr. Serafin stated “Our machines range in speed from 50 products per minute to 350 products per minute in both pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve equipment. Our design utilizes stainless steel conveyor frames and electrical enclosures that protect the machine from the environment found in most craft breweries.

About Quadrel Labeling Systems
Quadrel Labeling Systems has been the industry leader in label application systems for more than 30 years. Quadrel labeling equipment ranges for simple, economically priced systems for smaller companies, to sophisticated, technologically advanced systems capable of speeds of up to 500 products per minute. With unmatched service and technical support, Quadrel is your one-stop source for all of your product decorating needs.

Contact us to speak with one of our highly experienced Regional Sales Managers. After we understand your exact requirements, we can tailor a labeling system to meet your specific needs.

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