Altier Is Helping Businesses Grow Through Paid Digital Advertising

With an average of 323% ROI, Altier is undoubtedly the go-to marketing agency for businesses looking to leverage digital marketing and grow their businesses

Businesses in the United States have thousands of dollars flying out of their pockets towards paid digital marketing every month. Most companies pay agencies exorbitant fees for monthly retainer contracts that offer a guesswork approach to analytics. Choosing the right digital marketing agency that meets a business’s needs can be complex. There is a dizzying array of them to choose from and what they offer varies between them.

Sadly, there is a large chunk of overpriced agencies that make bogus promises to rip businesses. With the growing perplexities of digital marketing, Altier is one company that has been doing good numbers regarding assisting companies in leveraging digital marketing for their growth. Altier is a US-based digital marketing company committed to helping businesses grow their clientele and make more money using paid digital advertising.

One of the unique selling propositions of Altier is that the company does not work with every business for the sake of money. Unlike other digital marketing agencies in the United States, Altier handpicks the businesses they work with, ensuring that selected businesses are the ones they are confident will enjoy a 100 percent Return on Investment (ROI). Additionally, Altier will perform due diligence to understand a client’s business goals and objectives and whether it is something people can buy into. These actions aim to provide the best customer experience and result-driven marketing campaigns.

Altier was founded by Edward Villanueva, who had his start in digital marketing from his teenage days. Edward began marketing at 17 when he tried to build online stores sourcing products from China and then running ad campaigns using social media. He got a few sales but did not have enough capital and figured out a better way to engage marketing. After consuming tons of resources and carrying out an in-depth study on marketing, Edward came to the conclusion that he did not have enough capital to build an authentic brand, so he enrolled for an internship at a local marketing agency. After just one year there, Edward was placed in charge of all the digital media buying.

“At the age of 20, I was still working at the marketing agency, and I had grown a clientele on the side only on referrals,” explained Edward Villanueva. “Running ads successfully for some local businesses and ecommerce stores. Most of the time, the businesses I was working with had previously had bad experiences with marketing agencies and freelancers. So, I decided to partner with some of my friends from internet marketing forums and start Altier, an agency where the client’s business comes first. I don’t think a marketer should get paid if he can’t deliver, so we’ve built Altier based on those values.”

Altier offers a full money-back guarantee for any failed ads campaign. The agency is so confident in their media buying skills that they believe every campaign they initiate will deliver results. Their numbers prove their expertise in no small way. Other benefits of working with Altier include:

● Weekly reporting.

● Dedicated account manager.

● Zero setup fees.

● No contractual scenario as clients can cancel anytime.

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About Altier

Altier is a team of marketers, copywriters, and media buyers that have partnered to create an agency. The agency was created to solve the problems businesses encounter with traditional marketing and advertising companies, by focusing on ROI instead of vanity metrics.

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