Alpha Ventures: The Leading Community-Based Venture Capital Firm in Italy

Imagine being able to invest in Ethereum ($ETH) back in 2014, before its ICO (Initial Coin Offering), when the cryptocurrency was offered at less than 3$ per token. Considering the current value of $ETH, as of March 27th 2022, is 3200$, such an investment would have resulted in a 106,566.66% gain. An investment of 1000$ could have turned in more than a million dollars in less than 10 years.

However, the world of cryptocurrency still offers many similar opportunities nowadays, with more than 900 new projects launching every day. The fundamental thing is to be able to recognize a good project and being able to get early investment access to it.

This is exactly where two young Italian entrepreneurs step in, to provide retail investors with such investment opportunities through private fundraising rounds of selected cryptocurrency projects. Federico De Prizio and Giuseppe Cicellin are the two co-founders of Alpha Ventures, the leading Venture Capital Firm in Italy which is providing great investment opportunities without the need to hold any proprietary platform tokens. They are able to reach over 30,000 crypto investors through their trading community and social media platforms.

These two young entrepreneurs have already risen more than 850,000$ for different crypto projects in the up-and-coming sectors of Web3, Layer 1s, Play to Earn, etc., in less than 4 months. Their performance has been outstanding, with some of their investment reaching all-time highs of 8,000%. This is definitely a great opportunity for retail investors interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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