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They have an experienced and highly trained moving team that has been through every type of move. They will ensure that your belongings are handled with care and there will not be any hidden fees. This pro-mover will ensure that you are satisfied with every step of the process. The highest-rated full-service moving company in Nanaimo and the only movers you will need. No matter what type of service is required, you can count on them!
Nanaimo’s professional moving company, Almost 2 Easy Moving Company, is the one you can trust. They offer full-service services including delivery, packing, moving pianos, and other moving needs. They provide a variety of services to suit any mover’s needs. With professionalism and care that is unmatched in the industry. the goal is to be the most affordable moving company and provide the best service possible. They are able to offer the best rates because they have a strategic business plan.

The number one goal is to provide top-notch customer services from the moment they engage with customers giving them a estimate to the time when they say goodbye at their new homes. Almost 2 Easy must be doing something right, as over half their customers continue to recommend their services and move with them. It must be great to see familiar faces all the time! Moving is an intimate experience. Nanaimo’s top professional movers will build trust with you, your family and friends to ease any concerns. Moving can be a fascinating time in someone’s life.

You don’t have to worry about what circumstances might force you to look for a professional residential moving company. However, you want to feel confident that your move will be pleasant. Nanaimo’s professional movers are available. They take the term “professional” very seriously. They take pride in their employees and carefully select every person who answers the phones and arrives at your door. In addition, they have invested heavily in their technology in the office so that, no matter who answers the phone or emails, everyone is familiar with your current situation, history with the company, and any previous requests.

This allows their top notch team to assist you in the most efficient way possible. Although some companies might hire movers from less reputable places, Almost 2 Easy ensures that every packer and mover is subject to a background check. They might be considered the best Nanaimo moving business because they have a strict training program for their movers to ensure safety, efficiency, and responsibility. Only three other movers in the state have put their movers through this program before sending them out on the job. Their office utilizes the very best methods and technology to ensure that everyone who answers your phone or emails is well-versed in your particular situation, status, needs, and concerns. They wouldn’t let anyone into our home they didn’t like, so ensure all their employees are trustworthy and reliable. They want to believe that their employees will treat them with the same respect and courtesy they would give their grandmothers.

Almost 2 Easy has agents who are qualified to assist anyone planning a move in Nanaimo. Families moving to another part of B.C., or businesses moving into a new area, are the majority of our clients. People who are moving across the country can also be our clients. They have been serving clients for more years, and their network is all across Canada.

All their agents are licensed and bonded and have been accredited by the BBB. The Business has a solid reputation as a reliable company. They can offer free estimates to any potential client in Nanaimo. They can coordinate all your needs for packing and delivery. They can also help with shipping supplies. They can also arrange storage solutions.

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