For those who have missed the digital bandwagon of owning a Crypto Punk or a Bored Ape, here is a brand new entrant in the name of Alley Cat Alliance with 10,000 hand-drawn unique NFT’s living on the Polygon blockchain with a unique mission.

New York, New York – January 10th, 2022 – Alley Cat Alliance (ACA) announced today the launch of their premium hand-drawn NFTs – a collection of 10,000 black and white alley cats on Opensea – the biggest marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The cats of ACA live on the “Gas Free” Polygon blockchain with a unique mission where the majority of the proceeds will go for the welfare of stray cats and cat shelters worldwide. No two cats are similar, each of the cats is unique in some respect. The floor price of the nfts is kept at 0.002 ETH (Ξ) which works out to approximately 6.40 USD at the time of going to press.

“With these tokens, we wanted to demonstrate a tangible benefit of NFTs,” said Debashis Dey, founder and CEO of ACA. “ While NFTs like Bored Ape and Crypto Punk sells nothing but attitude and serve nothing more than a collectors ego, we are proud and excited to launch an NFT which will surely change the lives of a few animals. There are good human beings the world over who love animals and provide selfless service for their well being. ACA NFTs will sure find acceptance among animal, especially cat lovers and benefit these organisations and animal shelters,” – he added.

ACA also plans to launch a Kittyverse soon composed of pet shelters, veterinarians, pet publications, guides plus a gallery to display all tokens. Unlike other nft affiliated clubs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, almost all of the ACA Kittyverse will be open to all cat lovers irrespective of their possession of an ACA token.

NFTs are an ongoing craze now. However, it has moved from being an object of art empowering the artist community to just a poker chip with a unique set of data recorded in a digital blockchain, proving provenance of ownership. Artists are in the backseat with AI-powered engines living on the clouds that combine Van Gogh and Dali to produce art. While most of them engage buyers on the digital domain either with virtual PE (play to earn) games or scope for showcasing, a majority of others serve nothing but avatars in the social media space. ACA comes with a promise of change and a better plan to utilize these tokens for a cause.

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About Alley Cat Alliance

Alley Cat Alliance was founded by Debashis Dey who apart from being a cat and dog lover is also an established graphics designer. He lives with nine cats in his house and helps others serving the cat community. He is being helped by his daughter Tania – also a cat lover and other fellow cat lovers in areas like marketing, software development etc.

Media Contact
Company Name: Alley Cat Alliance
Contact Person: Debashis Dey
Email: Send Email
Phone: +91 8420285900
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States

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