All the Launch Members of the Canada eTA Program Including Croatia and Slovakia Can Enjoy the Fast Entry Facility

Canada launched the electronic travel document – e-Visa for all its Visa-exempt countries in 2015. It allows all the launch members to enjoy a fast entry facility. The online visa application process made it easy for all the citizens of eligible countries to apply for Canada eTA in just a matter of time.

Canada Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization, which allows the citizens of foreign countries to enter Canada for different purposes. It allows foreign citizens to enter Canada for tourism, business visits, and transit visits. People can easily complete the Visa application process within a matter of time using the online facilities. They can apply Canada Visa Online from their home, as the process is completely online-based.

Canada Visa for Croatian citizens

Croatian citizens can enjoy fast entry using the Canada eTA program. They are only allowed to use this e-Visa to enter Canada by airways. For other travel options, the individual will have to apply for a paper visa via the embassy. Canada Visa Online allows Croatian citizens to stay in the country for 90 days continuously for short tourist visits, transit visits, and business or medical purposes. To apply for Canada eTA, Croatian citizens must provide the details of a passport, which is valid for at least three months past the departure date. They will be asked to provide an email id, credit/debit card, and much other information during the Visa application process. Providing the correct email address is a must, as the e-Visa will be directly sent to the applicant’s email after the verification process.

Canada Visa for Slovak citizens

Canada Visa is a mandatory document for the citizens of Slovak and all other foreign countries to enter Canada. made it much easier for citizens to apply for e-Visa from their homes. By using this online website, people can complete the Visa application using a mobile, tablet, or computer. It also allows them to make the application from anywhere and at any time based on their choice. All Slovak citizens above 18 years can apply for Canada e-Visa to enter the country for different purposes. A special application form is available for those children under 18 years, where they can fill in the details of their guardians or parents.

Canada Visa Application Online is a five-minute application process, in which the user can fill out the Visa application form with the necessary details. In common, the Canada Visa verification process takes only 24 hours, and the user will receive the e-Visa in their email. One of the major benefits of using this method of application is that the e-Visa is completely secured and it will be like a passport electronically.

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