AliceTop Is Wrapping 2021 in Grand Style, Announces New Release of 2022 Spring Corset Collections

2021 is barely over, yet US-based women clothing store AliceTop has begun implementing plans to make 2022 a better year for women fashion with the addition of a spring corset collection

Worshiping at the altar of physical perfection since biblical times, the quest for the ‘perfect figure’ has led many to try out drastic measures. From starvation and self-flagellation to corsets, diet pills, and butt pads, if something promises a shortcut to live up to Hollywood standards of beauty, no doubt people have given it a try.

Moreover, the fashion industry has become an absolute minefield, with a strong penchant for outlandish pricing and ridiculous materials. It is increasingly difficult to find quality women’s clothing that looks good and fit well – much less afford them. To solve this dilemma for women, AliceTop was established to offer a selection of high-quality, affordable clothing. The store specializes in the sale of corsets, shapewear, and butt pads made to accommodate the latest fashion trends.

Thanks to the AliceTop Brand, women in the United States have enjoyed products durable enough to keep their shape for years and still maintain a breathtaking silhouette when they step out. As 2021 gallops to a close, CEO of AliceTop, Isabella Schultz, is excited to announce the addition of its 2022 spring corset collection, which features corsets with fabulous designs, shapes, and sizes.

“The goal is to make AliceTop the best place for quality corsets online – especially if you’re on a budget,” explained CEO Isabella Schultz. “We believe women should have the opportunity to experience how wonderful wearing a corset is, and we are working towards providing high-quality corsets at an incredibly affordable rate.”

From corset bras to plus-size corsets to tops to belts to vests and dresses, the AliceTop corset spring collection is an absolute masterpiece featuring the best designs in corsets worldwide. What’s better is that these new designs are a leap into the future, perfect for women between ages 20 and 52.

Please visit to browse through the new spring corset collection by AliceTop. For more information and to see other products in women’s clothing by AliceTop, log on to

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