Algimed Techno Presents a Unique Women’s Health Research Kit at Arab Health 2022

Algimed Techno presents innovative solutions in medicine and biotechnology at Arab Health 2022 on January 24-27. Several types of research test kits: from antibiotics and pyrogens determination, PCR of Sars-Cov-2, to early cancer detection, will be available to demo and discuss in the booth MU.D29 (Al Multaqua Ballroom).

According to statistics, about 600,000 new cases are detected annually and about 300,000 deaths from cervical cancer are reported. Early detection of the disease allows a higher likelihood of success in the treatment of patients around the world.

The miRNA screening kit NOVAprep for CERVIX status prediction is a new generation of highly accurate tests. It determines the conditions of the cervix: from normal to severe dysplasia, pathology. Innovative research kits are available to clinics. This is an important high-precision way to prevent cancer in the early stages.

The kit is intended for the differential diagnosis of conditions ranging from mild dysplasia (LSIL) to severe dysplasia (HSIL) of the cervical epithelium, including precancerous conditions of the cervix by means of correlation of specific microRNA for which clinical contribution has been proven. NOVAprep miRNA screening kit provides high-value results as a stand-alone personalized method for direct screening and determination of cervical conditions. The kit is highly informative and confirms the diagnosis in combination with the traditional diagnostic methods: standard/liquid cytology and HPV test. It can also be crucial in cases where cytological examination cannot confidently differentiate between borderline pathological conditions of the cervical epithelium. This kit is used for the semi-quantitative analysis of the concentration of six small regulatory RNA molecules (microRNA) in a cervical epithelial smear sample.

The kit has several key benefits:

– Direct diagnosis of the condition of the patient’s cervix;

– New approach that complements the results of traditional/liquid cytology;

– Can be combined with other PCR tests;

– Additional clarification of HPV testing and traditional cytology;

– Screening for prevention of cervical cancer and dysplasia;

– Ready-to-use, various release forms;

– Automation options;

– Stand-alone decision for women health;

– Fast results in any PCR laboratory.

The miRNA screening kit NOVAprep for CERVIX status prediction has high clinical and analytical sensitivity:

– Clinical sensitivity – 95 % I Clinical specificity – 92 %

– Analytical sensitivity – 95 % I Analytical specificity – 100 %

Meet Algimed Techno and learn more at the booth MU.D29 (Al Multaqua Ballroom) at Arab Health 2022!

About Algimed Techno

Algimed Techno is an innovative R&D technology company that developed advanced products and solutions in medicine and biotechnology for implementation by b2b partners (including hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies) to improve people’s lives.

The product family includes several main categories:

– NO antibiotics: ELISA kits for monitoring of antibiotics in food products and raw materials.

– NO Sars-Cov‑2: PCR kits for virus detection and ELISA kits for detection of IgG-SARS-CoV‑2 and IgM-SARS-CoV‑2 antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in serum, plasma, and human whole blood.

– NO pyrogen: the reagents and consumables for the determination of pyrogens in medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients using the latest methods (LAL test, recombinant factor C activation method, MAT method).

– NO cancer: medical research kits for basic research and new clinical solutions development, for the quantitative analysis of microRNA molecules (can be used for early cancer detection).

– NO pollution (under development): an express test to determine the cleanliness of surfaces for various types of pollution in production.

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