Algernae King of Divinity Financial Solutions Expands Her Reach Nationwide

Board-certified credit consultant, Algernae King, continues to reach out to individuals and businesses across the United States through credit services and financial literacy solutions

The team at Divinity Financial Solutions, led by the duo of Corey and Algernae, is staying true to the goal of helping individuals as well as organizations, especially small businesses, to understand credit and financial literacy, with the firm expanding their reach across the nation. Algernae shares her wealth of knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and board-certified credit consultant to help different categories of clients to improve their credit and achieve their financial goals.

Financial illiteracy has been described as a global pandemic by experts, with figures from studies substantiating this claim. Over the years, a plethora of guides and other similar resources have been developed to help people get their financial path on track. However, many of such products are seemingly generic and fail to deliver the desired results, which is where Algernae has been helpful with Divinity Financial Solutions as a business coach and credit solution expert..

Divinity Financial Solutions stand out for using a personalized approach to addressing the specific situation of each client, strategically resolving the issues affecting their credit score while educating them on how to walk the path to financial stability. Corey and Algernae have invested their time and resources in helping clients achieve success, providing them with top-notch tools, a feature that has ensured the growth of the firm over the years.

Algernae, an owner of several businesses in the car rental industry, credit/finance industry, and business management industry, continues to utilize her educational and professional experience to provide the best in business consulting and entrepreneur coaching for both new and established entrepreneurs. “Divinity Financial Solutions is awesome!! Algernae helped me every step of the way. She got my inquiries removed and my score higher in the matter of months!!! This has been an amazing experience Thank you!!!” – Lashya S.

For further information about Divinity Financial Solutions and the services offered by Algernae and Corey as well as the rest of the team, visit – Divinity Financial Solutions can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Divinity Financial Solutions

Divinity Financial Solutions was founded by Corey and Algernae, who have invested HOURS of their life understanding the in’s and out’s of credit and financial literacy to be able to confidently bring the tools and resources needed for clients to improve their credit and give knowledge on financial literacy.

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