Alert Hawk: A New Age Cordless Car Radar Detector That Will Soon Be Released

Alert Hawk, a cordless car radar detector is to be launched soon and it is news of delight for male car enthusiasts. Alert Hawk is a stylish, high-performance device that helps car drivers drive smartly and safely. The radar detector utilizes new proprietary technology with a sleek minimalist design and simplified user interface. 

Built to be the ideal road companion, Alert Hawk combines a 16 band radar/laser detector with extreme range and a superheterodyne technology that intelligently reduces false alerts.

“We are excited about our latest radar detectors. All of the radar detectors available on the market today were designed in the ’70s and car enthusiasts will appreciate the new minimal design and advanced detection technology”, said Aaron Vegors from Alert Hawk.

Alert Hawk is different from traditional radar detectors as it doesn’t rely on complex displays to warn about a threat on the road. Alert Hawk is designed to start flashing and ringing as soon as any radar is detected. The visual cues intensify as the source gets closer.

The Unique Selling Proposition of Alert Hawk is that it is cordless and lightweight and therefore, the driver doesn’t have to handle messy chords and bulky blocks of plastic. The device has an anti-slip bottom and polished shell and can be placed anywhere. Alert Hawk comes in different colors like black, grey, golden, etc, to blend perfectly with each different kind of car interior.

The exciting car radar detector is launching soon and the company is providing early bird discounts on signing up for it now. The release date is not announced yet, and the hype about the car radar detector is already smashing around the target markets.

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Address:904 Nile Kinnick Dr S
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