Airbrick Finance Introduces Airbnb Yield Farming

Providers of innovative crypto-backed real estate solutions, Airbrick Finance, set to disrupt the property market with their first and only rent-to-rent property portfolio

The team of forward-thinking real estate professionals and blockchain enthusiasts at Airbrick Finance, led by Chris Germano and Hugo Souza, is practically liberating Airbnb investing through their first-of-its-kind rent-to-rent property portfolio. The unique business model allows everyone to get into the lucrative real estate market through blockchain by buying BRICK$. 

“The idea is to have total control over your investment. Will you reinvest, or will you cash out? The choice of what you do with your profits is yours. Keep an eye on all BRICK$ transactions on the Binance Smart Chain explorer. Blockchain technology makes Airbrick Finance as transparent as possible”. -said Chris Germano, Co-Founder of Airbrick Finance.

The global real estate market has evolved over the years, growing to become a multi-trillion-dollar industry, amidst the emergence of a plethora of solutions and investment products. According to a report published by Grand View Research, the market is expected to generate a revenue of $4.2 trillion by 2025, driven by increasing demand and the development of different categories of projects. One of the major challenges faced by real estate investors is getting quality projects to put their monies, especially with many of the available investment products not particularly accessible to the public amidst discrepancies in their terms. However, Airbrick Finance seeks to change this narrative through Airbnb yield farming.

Powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, the revolutionary model seeks to democratize the Airbnb investing experience by enabling people across the globe to invest in the UK Rent-to-Rent Short-Term Rental property market through fractional and tokenized ownership.

Investors can be a part of the real estate revolution by helping to fund rounds, starting from as low as $1000, enabling them to own a part of the portfolio and earn as high as 65% APR, with new investors starting to receive rent immediately the day after the investment.

We’re delighted to offer investors around the globe a chance to invest in the UK short-term rental property market.” – Hugo Souza, Co-Founder.

For further information about Airbrick Finance and how to leverage the revolutionary product to be a part of the UK real estate market by buying BRICK$, visit – Airbrick Finance can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Telegram.

About Airbrick Finance

Airbrick Finance was founded by Chris Germano and Hugo Souza, their goal is to democratize the Airbnb investing experience. The founders of the real estate investment company have more than twenty years of experience in the UK property market and have been active in the crypto space since late 2016. They leverage their diverse experience to create a blockchain-powered solution for real estate investors worldwide.

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