Air Ref Offers Small Portable AC Rental for Hotel Rooms in Jersey City and Manhattan, New York


Hotel owners can get out of a fix when the standard ac in place suddenly gives up. Air Ref can help with their small portable ac rentals for hotel rooms.

Moonachie, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 09/07/2022 — In the hospitality industry, a minor mistake can get blown out of proportion and bring down the goodwill of the place. Therefore, hotel owners must be careful of the minutest of things. There should be nothing that could be putting the guests off. A non-working ac unit in Summer can turn out to be a nightmare for the hotel owner. The easy and quick way to fix this is by opting for portable ac rentals. Air Ref is one trusted company that has been helping clients for 50 years. They understand how the weather conditions can be in Summertime in Jersey City and Manhattan. Living in a hotel room with a proper ac unit can be highly uncomfortable. This could also lead the guests to complain and even leave the hotel with a grudge. Once the word goes out, this will only lead to losing business for the hotel. Air Ref helps hotel owners avoid such situations by providing them with quick cooling solutions. Trust their professionals to be at the doorstep with small portable ac rental for hotel rooms in Jersey City and Manhattan, New York once the need arises. Air Ref has a range of small portable air conditioner rentals that will be perfect for any size room.

All portable ac units from Air Ref are on wheels, which means one can move them around quickly to get the cooling air where it is needed the most. These portable ac units are perfect for large event spaces, not only for small hotel rooms. In big event spaces, the existing ac units might not be enough to adequately handle all of the body heat generated by the guests. The temporary portable AC rentals can provide extra support and contribute to the comfort level of all guests. Being compact, the portable ac units can fit into any space, whether it is the hotel room or the event area. The ac units are programmable and can quickly be deployed when and where one needs them.

Get in touch with Air Ref for portable AC for emergency cooling in Jersey City and Manhattan, New York.

Call NY: (212) 594-0300or NJ: (201) 866-8500 for details.

About Air Ref
Air Ref brings over 50 years of experience in meeting the cooling requirements of their customers. They offer a wide range of portable ac units for various commercial applications, HVAC cleaning, and more.

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