AiCasso, an AI Learning to Be an Artist: Mint Starts on January 30, 2022

Unlike other NFTs, AiCasso focuses on building passive income streams to their holders and deliver real value.

Toronto, Ontario – A Community Oriented Project, AiCasso is a Crypto project with a lot of depth, not merely an NFT collection. It envisions AI as a service, as well as providing exposure to the DeFi market; AiCasso  reinvests 75% of the mint, as well as 75% of future royalties from the resale of NFTs, with profits shared with their community.

The emphasis of financial security has shifted from Baby Boomers to Generation Z throughout the years. Generation Z is increasingly interested in earning a passive income, thanks to a variety of platforms available today. Given the rising cost of goods with each passing year, a passive income is essential nowadays. AiCasso is a project that offers a steady stream of passive income. AiCasso builds multiple passive income sources for their clients on top of the project being an NFT. In addition AiCasso offers guaranteed buy back policy for there NFTs, making sure capital investments of holders are protected at all times. 

AiCasso is a project with a cause. It is community driven which also emphasises on giving back to the less fortunate. The developers of the project shared: “Giving to charity is a great way to lift spirits. Knowing that the project is helping others gives us a sense of accomplishment, makes us  feel happier and more satisfied.”

By the community, for the community and from the community. The DAO and the community in charge of it are the true core of AiCasso. Managing the development and deployment of AiCasso initiatives. Creating a governance system for the anonymous administration of funds and project development. Establishment of a fund that will be managed by DAO and will create liquidity-backed NFTs that will provide the project’s lifeblood in perpetuity and develop a tighter knit community.

AiCasso now aims to work on a development project that will allow users to directly engage with AiCasso and design their own unique NFTs, as well as a web-based GUI for AI interaction. This initiative is the initial stage in the creation of a bigger AI on Demand concept. Providing AI aid as a service in accomplishing numerous tasks of evaluating, processing, and producing visual data for the metaverse by allowing quick access to AI skills and functions when needed. The developers have been working in the subject of AI development for a long time. 

The AiCasso project seems promising, the whole concept is centred towards community. Though still in its early stage, the project is set to expand. Mark the date, Mint starts: January 30th, 2022!

For more details and information, visit their website.

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