AI Player Wildwood Data, Inc. Guarantees More Sales for Small Businesses

Wildwood Data is offering lead generation services using proprietary AI and Big Data across numerous verticals. By helping their clients identify and approach target companies based on their needs and the leads’ data footprint, Wildwood Data is achieving its goal of helping small businesses grow their revenues in 2022 and beyond.Β 

With this data and the sales acquisition approach system they provide as part of buying leads from them, it will be easy to close 10% or more of leads provided; which is a guarantee that Wildwood Data gives. Their guarantee is possible because of their access to both public and private data aggregates, their proprietary AI,Β  and their acquisition approach.Β 

Their approaches and algorithms were beta tested using a handful of startup companies with memberships at an incubator in Syracuse, NY, October 2019 through April 2020. The beginning of the pandemic in 2020 put launching the service to the public on hold until November of 2021. This time allowed Wildwood Data the opportunity to further enhance how they identify high converting leads for their clients.Β 

β€˜β€™Our AI scans large amounts of data to discover features which identify the best leads for our clients to approach with their offerings. These features for example could represent buying habits, interestsΒ  or online behavior. It’s really great that at the end of the day we have created a system that identifies, creates and scores each lead, allowing us to give the cream of the crop leads to our clients for $10 per lead,’’ says a spokesperson for Wildwood Data.

They do require potential clients to connect with a Data Broker and look over some sample leads in your target market before getting started. If the sample leads fit in with your sales processes, you can try a small test run of 150 leads or what is available at that time.

β€œWe prefer to move slower in the beginning because it allows for all parties to acclimate to the new data and processes at a manageable rate. It also helps keep conversion rates higher, which is definitely our goal,” says a spokesperson for Wildwood Data.

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