AI for the Metaverse – Bot Libre Mozilla Hubs Integration

Bot Libre, an open-source chatbot and artificial intelligence platform for the metaverse, has introduced a brand new solution for business owners and metaverse enthusiasts. 

The company has integrated its conversational chatbots onto the popular 3D platform Mozilla Hubs. With this integration, users now have access to an extensive API, integrations, and SDKs. 

This incorporation comes in light of the growing need for businesses to have more fully immersive digital infrastructures that can facilitate the coming integrated 3D reality that is promised through web 3.0, the metaverse. 

“Even as the world goes back to ‘normal’, people’s appetite for a more digital immersive experience will only continue to heighten, this is because of the convenience, the deeper connectivity, and the ability to host large events because of the unlimited digital space and the virtual conversational chatbots that manage these large numbers. Bot Libre can help businesses with participating in the metaverse”, said CEO and expert software architect of Bot Libre, James Sutherland, in explaining the necessity of the Bot libre integration and other metaverse solutions. 

With the Mozilla Hubs platform, users can create their own private 3D virtual spaces, which can be used for events like conferences, virtual storefronts, and online classes, to name a few. By adding a Bot Libre conversational chatbot to these 3D spaces, bots will provide ease of access to all attendees and prevent any customer or guest from being overlooked.

Some additional benefits from this Bot Libre integration are a fully immersive virtual experience, quick response, the provision of information on various products and services, the opportunity to upsell products and services, and animated self-paced tutoring. 

Users can access the Bot Libre 3D room for free, after following these few simple steps

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