Age Is Just a Number, Proven Right by the Aspiring Entrepreneur Skateboarding Enthusiast Christian Twyman

Two years before the end of the glorious 90โ€™s era, a mixed-race part Italian part African American kid was born. As ordinary as he could be, Christian Twyman, born on 16th May 1998, had a very different future destined for him. But, at 23-years of age, Christian has already done his homework and is ready to launch his brand. Thatโ€™s nothing less than a dream come true.ย 

Driven by a passion for changing lives for others, Christian Twyman is eager to make it happen in the year 2022. Christian has an Instagram account by the usernameย @christiantwyman has mentioned in his bio the link to an Instagram account for his clothing brand that goes by the nameย @shopbreakthrough, where he is determined to upload an entire portfolio of his products.ย 

What drove him to go down the fashion alley? โ€œI am a skateboarder and car enthusiast, but am relay passionate about the fashion industry,โ€ said Christian bobbing with energy to make theย @shopbreakthrough a success. Launching soon in the year 2022, the enthusiasm of this teenager is appreciable.ย 

โ€œMy business is a clothing brand named JUST BREAKTHROUGH. It was an idea of mine when I was 22 years old, and my clothing brand reminds me to keep pushing through lifeโ€ฆโ€

The vision is vast, and so is the potential for success! In a competitive world where passion is difficult to pursue, this teenager is already making rounds on the web!ย 

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