A central token $AEKI for the metaverse with many industry-leading safeguards built into the contract is launching this week on Jan 1st, 2022.

$AEKI token which is central to the AEKI Metaverse is launching on the 1st of January 2022. Given that AEKI metaverse contract is one of the most ambitious crypto projects in recent times, investors are especially excited to be part of this revolution. 

The contract is built with anti-whale and anti-dump features to avoid price manipulation from big investors and pump and dump groups which $AEKI are the proud pioneers in implementing such innovative and industry-leading features in one single contract.

Whales will not be able to buy more than 0.1% of total available supply and sellers will not be able to sell more than 5% of their wallet total in a 24hr time frame.

Features of AEKI Metaverse: 

AEKI Metaverse intends to position the $AEKI token as a blockchain building block to help accelerate the transition to a complete blockchain economy.

The company comprised of doxxed Developers will release the $AEKI token, on 1st January 2022, which will be mainly used for peer-to-peer payments across AEKI Metaverse.

AEKI Metaverse’s peer to peer economy will let users design and sell virtual goods and destinations, adding to its catalogue of several million items over time. Partnerships with fashion brands to create branded avatars is being finalized to be sold on the AEKI platform. NFT’s will be released soon.

If a user has their Avatar in AEKI metaverse,  their Avatar will be acting on their behalf as their virtual counterpart. They will have voting rights. They can buy land, build homes, live in them or even rent them. They can play cool games, live in a wonderland, participate in a gaming den, or dance in a club, all in their own personal space in the AEKI Metaverse. This is how the AEKI metaverse is being developed with the release of a new token this week.

The $AEKI token will allow users to influence the future of the metaverse. The AEKI platform will give a unique opportunity to thousands of active creators to list their games on its platform and millions of daily active users experience a new world through desktop experience or via an iOS or Android app.

The $AEKI token will unlock immense possibilities and can be exchanged for money in and out of the metaverse. Users can buy $AEKI tokens to own, invest, sell virtual items, and get rewarded for their efforts to add to the virtual economy.

Manu, Navin & Dee the three enthusiastic Devs says “This launch of AEKI token is to connect with and secure interest from the top strategic crypto and metaverse buyers which know our space well and we could not be more pleased to have this initial group as part of our project. Our WOW AEKI (World of Women) and MOT AEKI (Men of Tomorrow) will change the fashion industry forever”.

AEKI NFTs are certainly here to stay with announcements about new token sales. Platforms like AEKI Metaverse certainly do have significant potential as users change the way they connect with other users.

Incorporating cryptocurrency and NFTs will add to the virtual economy and will make money for investors who trade in the AEKI tokens.

On top of all this, investors will enjoy the peace of mind of having their investment secured on all fronts. 

AEKI METAVERSE is being built the same way as their contract, thinking about investors and users first. From playing P2E games through buying and renting land and even just staking investment, they are making sure that is all safe and fair to everyone.

To learn more about $AEKI and be part of their launch on 1st of Jan 2022, visit their website: and join them on telegram:

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