Adriana Kostov Shares Her Modern Fashion Inspirations


Hedge Fund Boss Adriana Kostov shares her views on fashion trends for the modern working woman

New York City, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 09/07/2022 — Outside of her corporate work, Adriana Kostov has always had a strong interest in fashion.

“Textures of fabrics, colour, accessories, beading – they really can make or break an outfit, and simply change your whole mood or vibe” she says.

COVID19, brough the world to a screeching, and unexpected halt, and along with that, changed the fashion and “glam” landscape, Adriana Kostov notes.

“The world has just experienced a 2 year pandemic of which, people in my generation, young working women, simply did not expect, or perhaps, prepare for” states Adriana Kostov.

“Our health, staying well, understandably was our main priority, and glitzy gowns and fashion pieces, simply stayed in the back of the wardrobe” Kostov says.

There has been a major impact on the world economy, and such, does not appear to be ending, with interest rates rising, and costs of living, skyrocketing, for many.

“I think minimalist glam chic is the new way of dressing, for women in my demographic”, says Adriana Kostov.

“A simple, beautifully made coat, a gorgeous handbag, a beautiful intricate scarf, classic coloured gem jewellery, simple statement pieces, are really appropriate for the current economic climate” suggests Adriana Kostov.

And who are her modern celebrity fashion inspirations?

For day wear – “Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge always gets it right” says Adriana Kostov, “simple, beautiful, classic colours and prints, intricate detailed jewellery, yet, still a little sexy and playful”, she says.

Kostov notes however, “I also still like the “rock chic” look”, and

“Kate Moss, simply can do no wrong, and Christine Centenera, Fashion Director for Vogue Australia, always looks sensational”, says Kostov.

And for the Red Carpet?

“Anne Hathaway, has a great look and great style” says Adriana Kostov – “she has that effortless old school Hollywood glamour with a modern twist, and can rock a red lipstick like no one’s business”.

Kostov also states Kate Bosworth is a style favourite – “Kate Bosworth is a modern blonde bombshell, with an icy, minimalist style that never goes out of fashion” says Kostov.

Modern, yet edgy and chic with a touch of glamour, is the new trend for fashion for the modern woman in today’s economic climate, according to Adriana Kostov.

About Adriana Kostov
Adriana Kostov was Australia’s first Regional Director, of the global Hedge Fund Association. With degrees in Law and Commerce, and a Women in Financial Services Award for her work in Industry Advocacy, Adriana Kostov also discusses lifestyle topics such as fashion and wellness as relevant to the modern working woman.

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