Adly Mondestin’s Book, ‘The Red Man: The Lies of the Red Man Who Claims to Be Something Else,’ Gets Publicity From Author’s Tranquility Press

Leading media and publicity agency, Author’s Tranquility Press yet again supports another self-published author, Adly H Mondestin by giving his book a publicity boost. The book, ‘The Red Man: The Lies of the Red Man Who Claims To Be Something Else’ is a complete, thought-provoking and mind-boggling revelation of the destruction of black families, the weapon of the ‘red-man’ used to carry out this destruction and the American culture.

Adly opens up several rabbit holes filled up with untold lies that a group of people spread around to keep the rest of the world from knowing the real truth. The intention of these people is to create a controllable bubble that others cannot get out from. The author also reveals the secrets of the ‘red-man’ and how these secrets are his tickets to destroying the world.

These strong views by the author are a means to help readers understand where mankind and the red man came from and for what purpose they are on the earth. Adly strongly believes that the world is ‘controlled by the children of the serpent who are fallen angels in form of humans.’ In his opinion, “They have created a race of people to counterfeit the children of earth created by the hand of the greater God of the universe.”

Backed by years of research, Adly discloses why this is so and how this affects the world in general. The book also covers many inventions of the normal man, the so-called black man with explanations of how the red man is destroying the planet and how he only cares about making money. It goes further to explain how the normal man can take his power back from the red man.

Born in 1985 in Hayti/Haïti , Adly has always been intrigued by history and has given time and resources to researching the parts of history that are mostly ignored. The results are laid out plainly in ‘The Red Man: The Lies of the Red Man Who Claims to Be Something Else.’ One of Adly’s goals is to ‘discover and reveal the true or hidden history of the people of color based on concrete evidence that the world’s academia seems to hide or reject for their own bias purposes.’

“The decision to write this book is to open the eyes of the blinds in order to show a world that has been hidden from them,” said Adly.

According to an intrigued and impressed reader, Marither P. Schultz, “I consider this book to be one of the best books ever written about the “red man”. It also talks about the creation stories which makes everything else interesting. The views being expressed by the author are solely his own yet I respect it and have admired his unique point of view. This book actually helped me understand more a different culture about the reds. I hope many would have the chance to read this masterpiece!”

“This book balances the chapters of its storyline. It’s a story that provides both context and a roadmap for the survival of mankind. This book deserves a wide and thoughtful readership. The writing is thought-provoking and revelatory which makes a reader eager to read it. It’s an important book as it penetrates to the very heart of the reader for clearer understanding of ourselves,” said Vivianne M. Neihardt.

The Red Man: The Lies of the Red Man Who Claims to Be Something Else is available on Amazon in Paperback and Hardback and also on Kindle in soft copy. You can also reach Adly via her website or email

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