Adam Tilbury Brings to Limelight Pre Historical Theories on Ancient Gods, Civilizations and the Creation of the Human Race in Newly Released Book – Volcan

Adam Tilbury, the science fiction enthusiast is set to release his much-anticipated debut book, Volcan

Political thinker, science fiction enthusiast and history lover, Adam Tilbury is pleased to announce that Volcan is now available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

Volcan focuses on the main character, Adam, who discovers his own dreary life is very much like the fabric of society itself, a complete lie. The knowledge of which thrusts him into the viper’s pit of a never-ending family feud with the whole of humanity at stake. This revelations about his incredible past haunt him and his perception of reality is put to the test but there is one reality he cannot avoid.

Volcan leads the reader to a whirlwind of activities from humour to detailed actions while establishing a powerful and new approach to sensations of wonder about human existence. The novel brings the reader into a world of ancient gods and long forgotten civilization which awakens their curiosity about morality and the human existence at large. This will question their beliefs that humans evolved from apes and that civilisation is only 5000 years old.

The wordsmith, AR Tilbury said “I intend this book as a mode for escapism into a world, where the theories of esteemed authors such as Graham Hancock and Eric Von Daniken come to life. ‘I want this book to highlight not only our own fickle morality but that of our governments too.’

In this book of antecedent and contemporary human evolution and experiences, the reader learns of ancient history, ancient gods, conspiracy theories and one world government all elaborately described with relatable accuracy and droll humour.

Volcan is currently up for sale on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format for interested readers.

About Adam Tilbury

AR Tilbury is a keen historian and political thinker who doesn’t accept the current narrative of mankind’s history. His inquisitiveness led him to new discoveries which gave birth to his debut novel Volcan. He is also a lover of good story telling and always has the craving to read about characters who we are never too sure are inertly good or bad or whether or not they will do the right thing.

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