Ad Tester

Testing if your ad will hit the mark has never been faster and more cost-effective. Have you ever gotten annoyed by irrelevant YouTube and Social Media ads or felt that the ads you see are downright ridiculous?

Save your company, client, and your future ad viewers from negative experiences. Test your ad by showing it to a limited public audience and get in-depth analytical insights about what people like and dislike about your advert.

Step-by-step guide to Ad Tester
  1. Copy paste video link, or upload banner files
  2. Define your respondent targeting
  3. Set your research budget
  4. Choose any add-ons, like fast delivery
  5. Place your order
  6. Track the progress with the tracker tool
  7. Receive your deliverables
How does it work and what will I get?

Your survey campaign will be deployed to collect responses publicly on over 4 million websites and mobile apps, including top international media outlets. The data and results will be delivered in email, including any add-ons you selected.

ⓘ To learn about the research process, data quality, order tracking, payment policies, and more, visit the common questions page.