Ace Entrepreneur Tory Zweigle Launches Ameriglove Inc., a Startup Focused on Manufacturing and Supplying Nitrile Examination Gloves in the US

Tory Zweigle is thrilled to announce the launch of his startup company, Ameriglove Inc., which would disrupt the global glove market by providing top-notch and truly protective nitrile gloves

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, it has become pertinent to have gloves that protect people seeing the virus can get into the body if the hand comes in contact with the virus. However, not all gloves are the same. While some are expensive, others are cheap, and some do not offer the protection needed.

Nitrile gloves are a great way to protect oneself against COVID-19. They are made of 100 percent nitrile, making them latex-free and capable of protecting many viruses. They are also water-resistant and durable, an excellent choice for everyday use. Nitrile has become the choice material to produce disposable mechanics gloves and other industrial-grade gloves. Set to be a key player in the production of nitrile gloves in the United States, Tory Zweigle is thrilled to announce the launch of his startup, Ameriglove Inc., which would provide the much-needed nitrile examination gloves by industries across the U.S.

“Ameriglove Inc. will be in the business of manufacturing Nitrile Examination Gloves,” announced Tory Zweigle. “Our leadership team, business model, track record in manufacturing, and product innovation form the foundation for our company to build the largest vertically integrated Nitrile Examination Glove Factory in the world. In addition, our marque facility and U.S. Headquarters will boast 2,000,000 sq. feet under roof to support the operation of 100 automated and U.S. Berry Compliant production lines.”

The startup company envisions loads of benefits for the United States at a domestic level and the world. First, Ameriglove will be the largest nitrile examination glove factory in the world capable of supplying products to 150+ countries of the world. Seeing it would double as one of the largest factories in the United States, Ameriglove will have a direct and positive impact in some areas, including housing, job creation, transportation, taxes, utilities, investment, and investment and economic development.

“Our business model and operation fundamentally supports The American PPE Supply Chain Integrity Act (H.R. 1466). As its proficiencies with supply chain operations, sourcing, technology, automation, and engineering will make it easier and cost-effective for American businesses to manufacture this much-needed PPE (personal protective equipment),” concluded Tory Zweigle.

Tory Zweigle plans to make Ameriglove the leading dipping plant with cutting-edge automated batch/chain hybrid technology. This vertically integrated supply chain will include in-house, US-based machine fabrication and a turnkey dipping factory that packages and services the product. Plans are underway to locate the ideal city to build the state-of-the-art factory.

It is important to note that Ameriglove Inc. does not intend to be the sole provider of nitrile gloves but wishes to partner with individuals and firms who would like to adopt its technology to meet the growing demands of people who need gloves for protection against COVID-19.

Please visit or watch the company’s announcement via YouTube for more information.

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Phone: (888) 420-2073
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