Nowadays, there are many kinds of cars, and everyone’s requirements for cars are becoming more and more strict. It is also essential to test product safety. The slide rail of the car seat is also inevitable. Refer to the custom-made slide rail durability test bench in Clause 4.2.12 of “QCT 805-2008 Technical Conditions for Slide Rails for Passenger Car Seats” to test the durability of the slide rails and determine the rationality of product design. The following is mainly the importance and analysis of car seat slides.

Haida Instrument HD-YQ08-1 Car Seat Slide Rail Durability Test Bench

The slide rail is the part of the whole chair connected to the body. The design of the base has 2 dimensions (really adjusted according to the front and rear of the slide rail), 4 dimensions (front and rear, up and down), 6 dimensions (front and rear, up and down, inclination), etc. The connection methods are also different. Of course there should be seat belt buckles etc.

Because the connection characteristics play a role in supporting drivers and passengers, according to GB or DIN standards, the quality of people has different levels. For example, 50kg, 75kg, 98kg, etc.

The front and rear adjustment of the slide rail is a common function of the seat. The adjustment accuracy of the slide rails of different companies is also different, because the design of the locking mechanism is different. The front and rear adjustment range of the slide rail will affect the front and rear position of the H point of the seat, and the H point of the vehicle platform requires a limited adjustment stroke of the slide rail. For the test conditions of point H, please refer to 5.11 and 5.13 in QCT805-2008 Passenger Car Seat Rail Specifications.

Haida Instrument HD-YQ08-1 Car Seat Slide Rail Durability Test Bench

Among them, riveting is also a common process for slide rails. For some monorails, the positioning pins need to be riveted on the body position, and some need to punch riveted screws to connect the seat cushion. There are also seat cushion connectors or seat belt brackets riveted to the monorail. The finished slide rail is also subjected to the tensile failure test of the riveted joint according to the national standard QCT 805-2008.

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