Abolaji Alabi’s New Book: ‘The Immigrant’s Quest’ Reveals the Undercurrents Influencing the Tide of Immigration in Africa

The 119-page book is an exposé on the immigrant’s journey detailing the plausible reasons for immigration in a brilliant and heartfelt story

Nearly 1 in 4 Africans have considered leaving the shores of the continent every year. Against the backdrop of political tensions, insecurity in different climes, civil conflict, low educational levels and rife poverty, Africans make the choice to migrate and seek a better future for their children. However, this decision is not without challenges in the immigration process and even settling down in the host countries. Africans reaching their destination lose a sense of community that was previously available in their home countries. Undertones of racism in their workplace, racist slurs, difficulty in integrating into their society are some of the challenges immigrants must overcome.

The Immigrant’s Quest, written by Abolaji Alabi and published in 2021 nullifies the danger of a single story perpetrated by media about African immigrants who are treated with disdain and disrespect in a new country. It attempts to show a humane angle to the immigrants’ hopes and experiences.  It is available in paperback on Amazon and on Kindle.

For more information, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Immigrants-Quest-Abolaji-Alabi/dp/B08RTT12D6

About The Immigrant’s Quest

The Immigrant’s Quest is an attempt to rationalize the immigration tide of Africans through an engaging fictional story. It highlights the reasons for immigration while espousing the reality of the African people as a situation beyond contempt, but one placing Africans on an equal pedestal with the rest of the world. The book mirrors the fictional life of an African immigrant, Dele Akinpelu, who migrated to the USA after an offer to study in an American university. The Immigrant’s Quest is written by Abolaji Alabi, an IT professional and the founder of a wristwatch brand called Flexaago.

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