New Interfaces, Asset Management System, LP for Order Book, and more

Aboard Exchange launches V2 on Arbitrum and Avalanche. The new V2 has a fully refreshed front end and a game-changing asset management system, allowing decentralized fund management and, most importantly, LP for order books.

With the asset management system, we allow retail to participate in market-making for CLOB DEX. The once-exclusive institutions’ cakes are now open to everyone.

We deployed a passive strategy that places limit orders to order books. Aboard LP profits from traders’ mistakes and the order book spread. In other words, the funds are passively trading against other degens, so you earn from others’ losses and people who are taking liquidities from the book.

Such a system creates a positive spin wheel for Aboard, as better liquidity will attract more traders, and more traders will boost the APYs of the LP strategy. It is also worth noting that the order book is the most capital-efficient system, which can generate deeper liquidity with the same amount of money.

About Aboard Exchange

Aboard is the leading order book derivatives DEX on Arbitrum and Avalanche. We currently offer tokens, synthetic assets, and index perpetuals. Aboard is also the first CLOB DEX that provides an asset management system with order book LPs.

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