Abendroth Fortel Supports Operational Due Diligence (ODD) as Authorizing Business Decisions

ODD is recognized as empowerment of decision-making for investors interested in private trading opportunities

Singapore, Singapore — (ReleaseWire) — 06/23/2022 — Abendroth Fortel, a leading financial services adviser and a well-reputed commodity broker aiming to provide its clients with an array of investment opportunities in the commodity markets, today announced the promotion of ODD implementation as it presents additional value when approaching the distinct aspects of private markets and the specific requirements of the investors.

ODD mastery is important in the case of investment returns generated by the private markets. Several examples of common practice for the value of ODD are:

– ODD offers significant control of assessing specific methodologies through the justification of the valuation methods, consistency of the applied methods, and valuation transparency;

– ODD upholds increased transparency and reviews market uncertainty: assessing the level of transparency and analysis of risk management;

– ODD assesses the consistency of the operations during market volatility and ensures business continuity during fluctuating market conditions. ODD practices are particularly important in evaluating the operational flexibility of a certain market and provide deep analysis of a particular business plan’s functionality, efficiency and security.

Abendroth Fortel supports the growing tendency to insource portfolio management along with other corresponding functions as the ODD practice proves to ensure. An in-depth ODD process requires matching sources, expertise and self-reliance. At times, investors undervalue the time needed for the completion of the ODD which goes beyond the limits of the investment of time and resources necessary for a team of ODD experts.

“We are constantly in seek of solutions to support our costumers’ need of protecting their business values. As business people are willing to maintain ODD expertise, we imply necessary practices, especially dividing professional capabilities instead of amplifying the responsibilities of secondary teams which do not have corresponding expertise to conduct a personalized review”, said Ling How Haron, Head of the Research Department for Abendroth Fortel.

About Abendroth Fortel
Abendroth Fortel is one of the leading financial services advisers and a well-reputed commodity broker. The primary aim of the firm is to provide its clients with an array of investment opportunities in the commodity markets. Abendroth Fortel provides an unparalleled range of services like commodity trading, financial advice, alternative investments, and forex trading for both local and global investors to meet their diverse requirements. The firm’s professional staff is trained to handle the highest level of service for customers of all sizes and requirements. Abendroth Fortel prefers challenging tasks that allow the company to work on the edge of its capabilities.

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