ABCMETA-DAO – a Higher Dimensional Value Creation Plan

What is “DAO”? A recent popular abbreviation. Sequoia Capital, the world’s top venture capital institution, once changed its Twitter profile to “From idea to implementation, helping adventurous people build a great DAO”. There are still heated discussions on the metaverse, VR, AR, Web3, and DAO from all walks of life. DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is a unique and crucial form of organization in web 3.0.

In the era of Web 1.0 , information acquisition is one-way , there is no interaction, there is no user value creation, and the value only belongs to the website designer.

In the era of Web 2.0, there is interaction and value creation by users. However, Internet social platforms can easily hold information in their own hands through information monopoly, and Internet giants hold the value wealth created by all users. Capital was once again brought into the hands of a very small number of people, the industrial revolution concentrated the means of production in the hands of a few capitalists, and the Internet revolution put information in the hands of a few giants, and continued to widen the gap between the rich and the poor, and thus Web3 was born.

Web 3 is inseparable from DAO, and DAO has the potential to create a higher value dimension. All DAO community members hold ecological tokens. In this case, as long as you make a contribution and create value as a token holder, the token will appreciate due to the rise in ecological value. Thereby gaining incentives, effectively solving the problem of excessive concentration of co-creation value. Users holding value and ecological value is totally proportional to each other, and mutual encouragement is bound to create an ecological value upper limit that exceeds web 2.0.


The total issuance of META is 100 billion. ABCMETA will randomly airdrop PASS to users. PASS holders can enter the airdrop page of ABCMETA to activate the airdrop tasks. By completing the airdrop tasks, users can get META rewards up to 5 million META. The META rewards will be locked until META has been issued. After reaching 20,000 activated holders, META will be officially issued, and the locked META will also be unlocked. The purpose of this is to return the ABCMETA ecological value created by everyone to each user in the form of META, so as to achieve true decentralization. It is perfectly in line with the original intention of the META-DAO plan and the values of web 3.0.

At present, the number of activated users of ABCMETA is around 10,000. In order to further stimulate the completion of the number of airdrop tasks and increase the activity of users, ABCMETA has added additional rewards for consecutive check-in to obtain additional META, and the META rewards from the first time check-in and every third time check-ins will be transferred directly to users’ wallets, and the META holding address recorded on the blockchain will gradually increase as more and more users check-in .

When more and more user wallets get META, the circulation of META will be considered. If META is concentrated in the hands of a few people, it will be difficult for META to circulate. However, when META reaches 10,000 activated active users, the circulation of META would not be a problem. For example, users can easily establish a META-USDT liquidity pool on the QuickSwap decentralized exchange to meet the demand of some uses to liquidate META. When the price of META is lower than its actual value, it will attract a large number of buying orders, thereby raising the price of META, so as to maintain the price of META to match the ecological value of the entire ABCMETA.

Starting from July 18, ABCMETA will also issue additional META rewards to users who add liquidity according to their added shares in the liquidity pool, and release the locked META (META obtained by completing the previous airdop tasks) in advance. This part of META was originally to be unlocked after reaching 20,000 activated users. Such action directly detonated the value of META and attracted a large number of users to actively add liquidity. The reason is actually very simple, because users would want to unlock the airdrop META early, and now it can be achieved just by adding META-USDT liquidity. There are additional liquidity rewards, META. Yes, additional liquidity rewards, which means that those users who do not have PASS and cannot claim airdrop rewards, the liquidity reward META can also be obtained as long as the liquidity of META-USDT has been added. With this reciprocation, the liquidity pool of META-USDT will become larger and larger.

Of course, if it is just ordinary incentives, this effect is far from achieved. However, META as a crucial token of ABCMETA eological platform, is needed for ABCMETA-LAND, ABCMETA-ID, Avatar Bay(NFT creation tool), NFT marketplace and other applications. That is to say, the more active users, the greater the consensus, the greater the ecological value of ABCMETA, and the higher the price reflected in META. Although the current number of activated users has not yet reached 20,000, with only 10,000 activated users, but this part of the consensus is sufficient to support the current META price coupled with the liquidity bonus and early unlock META as long as the liquidity is added to further strengthen the consensus. Moreover, the liquidity rewards META can be obtained without PASS, which further strengthens the purchase demand of META. The current increase in liquidity income has reached an astonishing 7.5% daily income.

Adding META-USDT liquidity :

1. Open QuickSwap “” ;

2. Click on “Add Liquidity ” ;

3. Enter the META contract address “0xEDcFb6984a3c70501BAA8b7f5421Ae795ecC1496” to select META, and then select USDT;

4. Enter the amount of META and the amount of USDT respectively, and click Confirm;

5. Wallet authorization – you need to switch the wallet network to the POLYGON network;

6. Wait for ABCMETA to issue liquidity rewards META.

The value created by all of users, of course, belongs to every user in the META-DAO plan. We are implementing a higher-dimensional value creation plan.

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