A Sultry Summer Awaits Those Seeking Unxeen Adventures

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and with the pandemic phase of things starting to gain a stronger foothold across the globe, parties and major functions will soon become more commonplace, as we enter the spring and summer months. With that in mind, unxeen is planning to take the party scene by storm. Believing that the warm weather season presents an ideal opportunity, to bring lively and interesting new people together in passionate, and provocative play! 

Who are we? “unxeen has been around for quite some time. Making our initial mark in the industry, by organizing erotica parties at some of the world’s most luxury venues. Through those interactions and gatherings, we cultivated a following substantial enough to publicly launch unxeen events. A company that caters solely to kink. Unfortunately, like many a business, the pandemic threw a bit of a wrench into our short term plans. But as things have gradually gotten back to normal, we’ve been busying ourselves with engineering one celebration after another. As conditions continue to trend in a positive direction, we see this New Year as a coming out party, of sorts. In fact our brand, has always been around. 

While everyone else was arranging events that fall closer in line with the routine, or the mundane, we were busy assembling more risqué; fare. As other detailers threw soirée’s that were only ‘billed,’ as edgy… we were hard at work coordinating the stuff that dreams are really, made of. Our goal is to become one of, if not the, primary private party handlers for those clients whose varied personal tastes fall more on the wild side of life; and beyond! Let us plan an event for you, or a group of friends that will titillate, tantalize, and electrify your very essence! While at the same time, staying true to that uniquely, and underground ambience. After all, the best things in life… are unxeen.” 


About unxeen:

The 3rd, newest generation, want to come out from the dark and conquer the world. “We don’t have to hide but choose to remain unxeen.” “The Fox” is their new leader. Apache legend claims that the fox stole the fire from hell and brought it to mankind. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, because what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

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