A Story About Love and Loss, Guilt and Forgiveness by Author Richard Taylor

KENNESAW, Ga. – “Return to Eden” is part of the remarkable love-torn-by-war trilogy of Author Richard Taylor. The year is 1941, with Joe Armand—Joshua’s son in his novel Eden Lost—who finds himself in the suburbs of Manila, Philippines to purchase a ship and do business. While there, he goes to the grave of Isabella, from Eden Lost, and meets Luci Blake, an American nurse.

Joe Armand and Luci fell in love in a backdrop of a war-torn Philippines, during the Japanese occupation. They escape Manila to live out the war in desperate conditions as guerrillas. With Luci and Joe away together, their families including Joe Armand’s father, Joshua, searched for them needlessly, bringing him back to Manila where he confronts his past and his undying love of Isabella.

This sequel to “Eden Lost” is gripping from page one. There are twists and turns, and a fascinating look at the tormenting lives of men and women during the war. The historical part of the book documents how many people endured brutality and suffering. This is a story about love and loss, guilt and forgiveness, but it still manages to maintain a light, summer-read feel. Taylor writes a fluffy romance, but with a rich story and a wealth of historical detail.

Taylor’s novel reminds readers of the horrors of war while giving a hopeful message in return. Like how love can be so powerful it withstands some of the most horrible acts of violence.

For more information about Taylor and his other works, visit his website at https://richardtaylorbooks.com/.

“Return to Eden”
By Richard Taylor

Kindle | $3.99 | 978-1-64753-932-0
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Hardcover | $15.99 | 978-1-64753-933-7
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About the Author

Richard Taylor writes of love and war. His trilogy, “Eden Lost”, “Return to Eden”, and “Almost Eden”, are historical and generational stories, set in wartime southeast Asia. “Return to Eden” is an award winner at the Georgia Writers Conference.

Colonel (US Army, Retired) Richard Taylor writes of love and war. “Prodigals: A Vietnam Story,” an autobiography, was published by Casemate in 2003 and the manuscript was a winner at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, then a featured selection of the Military Book Club. “Homeward Bound: American Veterans Return from War”, a comprehensive veterans’ history, was first published by Greenwood Press (ABC-CLIO) in 2007, then republished by the Naval Institute Press in 2009 as a featured selection of the Association of the US Army. It was a referenced source for the PBS four-part series “American Veteran” in 2021. Other fictional and historical works are self-published on Amazon. The author was a soldier who writes from vast first-hand experience.

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