A New Tool for Interacting With the World – Electric Bicycles

Remember how people felt when they bought their first bike? That’s the brand new bike they’ve been waiting for and dreaming about. It seems to be flying forward by itself. People can feel its reaction to every movement and manipulation. They equip it and watch it get better. Remember when them dreamed of cycling all day on weekends to explore forest trails or city routes? And instead of exhausting them, it fills them with energy. This is motivation!     

And look now, people once beloved bike is covered in dust. This two-wheeled friend gets more and more idle, and they  go out and venture less and less often. It seems that jumping over bumps isn’t as fun anymore, not having the confidence to ride up that once conquered hill again. Maybe the bike has gotten heavier, or maybe it’s not rolling smoothly. But at the same time, they don’t stop loving the bike, it’s symbolic to them, it used to be a hobby, it brings them unparalleled emotions and memories – they’re so familiar with it with intimacy. But what exactly happened? How can I get my old passion back?

Maybe it’s time to broaden horizons? Becoming a true bike enthusiast means being open to all kinds of bikes in the modern bike industry. After all, bicycles are tools for interacting with the world. Different bikes take people into different levels of reality, taking them into a whole new nature each time. Maybe they’ve been thinking about buying a cool bike and riding it for the rest of their life. But riding different bikes will give them a distinct sense of difference, allowing them to enjoy their individual characteristics. It’s like going to a fancy exotic restaurant, there’s an explosion of taste buds, the awakening of new taste buds and the desire to come back next time…but anyway, it’s still so good to go to their favorite burger afterwards.

If people think they know the bike very well and nothing surprises them, what should they focus on? Then start with something they couldn’t before that will break their prejudices and open up the world of cycling in new ways. So, let’s get started.

Electric bicycles are the future development trend. There are city bikes and sport bikes. That kind of hub motor bike, won’t discuss it for now. But mid-motor bikes are a different story. The driver only provides assist when they press the pedals, they can determine the amount of assist themrself, and there are several modes for theirto choose from. Electric bicycles can give them unprecedented driving, speed and excitement. Have people ever dreamed of the thrill of a constant descent? Then get on it! Electric assisted bikes allow them to “sustain downhill” in any terrain. Theu’ll immediately be immersed in the thrill of driving. They have ridden every piece of land with great skill. Now speed is no longer a problem, the main thing is technical control. They’re fully engaged, tired, but happy, and want to keep riding. Electric drive can eliminate the pain of long-distance riding and climbing, so that they can only experience the comfort and pleasure of riding. Skeptics and conservatives who say e-bikes are no longer real bikes, let them go ahead because they don’t know what they’re losing. In fact, this is the general trend. Thousands of people are already enjoying the joy of riding electric bicycles, what are them waiting for?

Mountain bikes can bring a sharper, more vivid feel. Equipped with shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels, they are designed for off-road riding and will give even seasoned riders a boost. Suspension system guarantees handling and comfort on rough roads that will make them feel like a superhero. The suspension soaks up the bumps, the downhill speed will excite them, and the dedicated dirt track will make people yearn for it. It’s a great tool to strengthentheir physique and improve their riding skills. With it, they’ll want to get close to nature more often, and their cycling life will take on a new look.

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