Music artists can now use this marketing agency to promote their music videos, by choosing through various packages and by providing specific targeting inputs, such as music video genre and language.

Lenos has just come forward with a new service for aspiring music artists. With minimal fees and high engagement, it is the perfect opportunity for artists to share their music with the world. The service packages from Lenos includes only real views from multiple and simultaneous traffic sources, to create a viral mix. On top of that, this innovative promotion formula includes Articles, Manual Shares, Real Likes, Comments, all of it at A Natural Delivery. 

From 90 to 290 dollars, artists can now choose between different packages depending upon their promotion goals. “Lenos” marketing agency is committed to providing authentic promotion services that act as an algorithm trigger to bring organic traffic. After giving the link and adding targeting configurations, artists can make payments to initiate promotional services of their music videos.

The majority of views will be driven from Google Ads targeted campaigns as per the type of music and language used in the track. Lenos will further publish articles, relevant comments, and feedback on the music video. Getting the word out about an artist has never been easier, via targeted and real audience.

By driving traffic from multiple sources, Lenos provides a viral-like exposure to the artist. A special trick, is that paid workers from Lenos will watch the music video and provide feedback accordingly to make the experience more authentic.

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About Lenos

Lenos is a marketing agency from Italy that launched in early 2019. This company helps creators and artists grow through promotional campaigns. From views to watch hours, Lenos offers it all to struggling content creators. 

By testing their services beforehand, Lenos further ensures creators with a risk-free experience. With quality services and privacy policy, this agency has helped hundreds of content creators over the years. This might be the perfect chance for up-and-coming artists to get the recognition they deserve. For More information on Lenos, visit their official website.

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