A.M. Alcedo Releases New Contemporary Dark Fantasy – Of the Stars
New Dark Contemporary Fantasy Novel Of the Stars by A.M. Alcedo Takes Readers on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Redemption

Alcedo Ink is thrilled to announce the release of Of the Stars, an enthralling dark contemporary fantasy novel written by A.M. Alcedo. Set to captivate readers’ hearts and minds, Of the Stars delves deep into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of found families.

In Of the Stars, readers will embark on a gripping journey alongside Norah, a burnt-out mental health therapist at Corvid’s Hospital. While she helps others heal, her own scars remain hidden within the shadows of her Gothic home. Norah’s life takes a mesmerizing turn when she encounters Dexteras Doe, an enigmatic, amnesic elder with a tragic past. Together, they face an unimaginable challenge – an underground fight club promising irresistible rewards in exchange for spilled blood. As they confront their darkest selves and the alluring beings lurking in the crimson neon of this otherworldly realm, their connection raises questions about destiny and the alignment of much darker stars.

Of the Stars is an adult contemporary fantasy novel with a literary twist that explores the bonds of found families and the transformative power of self-healing. This novel is a sanctuary for readers who understand the importance of therapy and self-care as they navigate the complexities of life. A unique father-daughter-esque duo and a diverse cast of neurodiverse characters create a narrative that transcends generational curses, enabling them to carve their own identities from scratch.

Author A.M. Alcedo is a licensed therapist with expertise in trauma recovery. Drawing inspiration from her own journey of healing, Alcedo crafted Of the Stars as a tribute to those who have experienced grief, isolation, and pain. The novel offers solace to those who have felt alone in the darkness, reassuring them that they are not forgotten.

Join the author, A.M. Alcedo, in her mission to honor and uplift the stories of those who have navigated their own sacred journeys. Follow her on Instagram @writemindedlefthanded and on Twitter @authoravaalcedo.

Of the Stars by A.M. Alcedo is available now on Amazon

and Barnes & Noble Get ready to explore the depths of darkness, resilience, and self-discovery in this captivating contemporary fantasy novel.

About A.M. Alcedo:

A.M. Alcedo is a licensed therapist specializing in trauma recovery. Her passion for the mental health field and her clients has fueled her writing journey. Through “Of the Stars,” she pays homage to her own healing journey and extends a hand to those who have experienced grief and isolation. Alcedo’s mission is to remind readers that they are not alone in their struggles. She is also a devoted wife and mother and enjoys a wide range of interests, including birdwatching, hiking, and creating art.



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