A Local Company Recommends Summer Months for Foundation Repair in Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL — (ReleaseWire) — 08/05/2022 — Springfield Foundation Repair Experts, a leading provider of foundation repair in Springfield, Illinois, works to educate property owners on why summer is the best season for foundation repair. “Many homeowners tend to put off foundation repair as long as possible,” says the owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts. “Not only is this a surefire way to face even steeper repair bills, but there are many reasons why summer is the best time for scheduling needed foundation fixes.”

To help ensure area property owners keep their homes and commercial structures in good condition, the owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts stress the importance of timely foundation repair in Springfield IL. “Foundation cracks don’t go away over time,” they note. “Quite the contrary, they tend to get wider and even deeper the longer they’re ignored.” This leads to several risks that property owners want to avoid. “The first is that larger cracks absorb more moisture, which speeds up concrete damage. Also, the more severe the damage, the steeper your eventual repair bills!”

There are many other reasons to schedule prompt foundation repair fixes, say the owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts. “Foundation cracks let moisture into your structure, which is then absorbed by framing and drywall. This risks wood rot, water stains, and other damage. That moisture also attracts insects into your property!”

Not only do property owners face steeper repair bills, but a home or other structure might eventually need leveling. “Once a foundation weakens, the structure tends to settle along one side or the other. In turn, cracks often form inside and outside the structure. This pulling also risks even more foundation damage. This is just another reason to schedule foundation crack repair for Springfield properties as quickly as possible.”

Along with scheduling repairs, the owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts recommend summer months for needed fixes. What makes summer the best choice for those repairs? “It’s often best if we make basement repair and crawl space repair for Springfield properties when soil conditions are dry. Excavating for repairs through damp soil makes foundation fixes more complicated.”

Additionally, the owner notes that trying to cut through frozen soil also makes the job harder overall! “It can take several weeks if not months after winter weather for the ground to defrost thoroughly. By summertime, we know we’ll be working with the best soil conditions for needed excavation and repairs.”

The owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts also note that warm weather is ideal for mixing concrete needed for most foundation repairs in Springfield, IL. “Remember that concrete mixes absorb moisture from the air, just like anything else, while also needing proper moisture for mixing,” they note. “Consequently, we don’t want to work in overly humid or cold and arid conditions when preparing for foundation fixes.”

If summer is ideal for foundation and basement repair, does this mean that property owners should put off needed fixes if they don’t notice foundation issues until later in the year? “Absolutely not,” emphasize the owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts. “As said, the longer you put off foundation fixes, the greater the risk of severe damage. A settling structure also risks damage inside and outside the property, including wall and ceiling cracks, buckled floors, framing wood rot, and mold growth. You might even see floor tiles slip out of place or pull away from the grout underneath. These also add to your overall repair costs!”

Above all, their team says that a damaged foundation often lowers property values, and more so, the longer you ignore needed fixes! “Rather than building equity in your property, you’re just losing value the longer you put off that call. You might also struggle to sell your property if you decide to move. In some cases, it might not even pass an inspection!”

The owners of Springfield Foundation Repair Experts are encouraging property owners who suspect their structure needs foundation repair to call them quickly. “We’re working to ensure our foundation repair company is always ready to schedule needed fixes,” they note. Springfield Foundation Repair Experts is also fully licensed and insured and offers a full-scale warranty for all their repair projects.

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