DAVENPORT, IA – Author David Jenkins is a Man of God. He incessantly writes about God’s insurmountable love, revealing secrets and Biblical Truths in his books. David is an accomplished writer with a handful of published works under his belt. 

His books include, Jesus, Is Here, Behold A Greater Than Jonas Is Here, At Midnight Will Rise, Jesus Christ in the Flesh, and Father Forgive Us, We Haven’t Been Listening.  These books give readers a better understanding, revealing more secrets of the world’s foundation, Christ’s love, divine understanding of God’s commandments, Biblical truths, knowing who God is, and our true identity. 

Called upon by God in 2011, David fell in love with the scriptures and their promises, and become a strong advocate to impart and influence God’s power to others. His books are a revelation on each page and a kind of Christian book to read and an author to trust. Reading David Jenkins’s books is a wonderful way to grow your faith and a better understanding of God’s teachings and HIS brilliant works. In his books, Jenkins shows his strong familiarity with the Bible and hopes his visitors can take good lessons from his recent work. 

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About the Author

David Jenkins is a man that has truly put all of his love, trust, and worthiness into the King James Version of the Bible and our heavenly Father. Since his calling to the Bible in 2011, David fell in love with the scriptures and believes all of the Bible to be relevant to our lives today, and not just about things of the past. In these last 12 years, he has learned how to listen to the voice of the Father. And through this learning, he has learned how and why this all began. This is the fifth book that David has written and each one takes readers to a deeper and more thoughtful understanding of our Father and what He is all about, and why He’s doing what He is doing. This is all shown in the King James Version of the Bible and now he is sharing all of this knowledge with the world for those that want to learn what life is all about.

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