A Jamaican Born Optometrist’s New Book ‘A Girl With a Big Vision’ Receives Five Star Rating’

‘A Girl with a Big Vision’ tells the story of a young native Jamaican girl who makes it her mission to carry the weight of her father’s visual loss by becoming an optometrist. This book acts as an inspiration and lesson for all ages with its beautiful illustrations and easy-to-read content.

‘A Girl with a Big Vision’, written by Dr. Kerri-Ann Coombs Hodge, shares the narrative of Natty, a bright, curious young girl who carries the weight of her father’s visual loss. Her father, her hero, is going blind, and she is determined to save his sight. She makes it her life’s goal to leave Jamaica’s beaches and study optometry in the United States. Dr. Hodge’s own experiences are the basis for the book, now available on Amazon.

Kerri-Ann Coombs Hodge, RN, OD, has shared her inspirational tale with coworkers and patients alike. This book is essentially Dr. Hodge’s autobiographical tale, and she hopes to encourage young people the way others encouraged her. “I wanted to inspire children and people to live and dream–and provide some education about the eyes,” she explains.

When Dr. Hodge was a child, she and her family immigrated from Jamaica. Her father had already lost a lot of his vision by the time they arrived in the United States.

She has always wanted to work in the medical field, first as a registered nurse and subsequently as an optometrist. One of the patients she visited as a student at the University of Houston College of Optometry clinic was her father.

When Dr. Hodge started De’Cordova Eyewear in 2017, she chose her father’s middle name as her brand name. Because she didn’t want to stop at providing her patients the gift of sight, she also established a frame line with the same name. At De’Cordova Eyewear she states that “Our mission is not only to help you see clearly but also to enhance your holistic vision, starting with your eyes, and enable you to achieve your God-given purpose in the world.”  

Kerri-Ann Coombs Hodge, RN, OD, is a registered optometrist and owner of De’Cordova Eyewear, an optometry practice and frame line in Houston, Texas. ‘A Girl with a Big Vision’ is her first book. She is best known for the level of care and comfort she provides her patients. 

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