BATU tells you how to relax your hips, waist and neck at work

Now people are in a sedentary state for a long time, the body is in sub-health, most people’s spine has slowly appeared problems, for modern life habits, a design team launched the latest technology cushion

They are always looking for an airbag cushion that fits the hips, back and neck, makes the posture comfortable and allows the hip and back to do aerobic exercise. Introducing the BATU 5th generation intelligent automatic airbag massage cushion. 65 large airbags (number), 5cm airbag height design, from the thighs to the buttocks to the waist and back, neck full-size contact cushion. Let you sit down, balance the force of each contact parts. Sitting cushion built-in AI intelligent system, the combination of dynamic and static, two modes. From now on, the whole body force, is no longer just the work of the waist and hip, but allows you to carry out a relaxing massage of your hips literally any time anywhere

30-minute wave type airbag dynamic massage, using a patented convection type filling and releasing air settings. Make sitting in the various parts of the force point constantly and slightly move, sitting and leaning action, more like an aerobic exercise, eliminate the waist, thigh root and cervical spine parts of the pain and numbness caused by sedentary. This inflatable massage cushion can be used for sitting up straight on a chair or bench without feeling pain in your back or neck

Personalized static mode, according to your weight and sitting posture, choose the most suitable airbag saturation for you

According to the scope of use, BATU airbags have chosen a wider size: airbag distribution, airbag height and the gap between airbags, and the split main board is externally placed. Let the buttocks, waist and cervical spine ventilate, balance the ambient temperature and quickly perspire, which is more convenient.

Whether it is an office chair or a hardwood leisure sofa, or a car, truck, etc., it is suitable for our cushions. We chose high-elastic lycra cloth, which is skin-friendly and breathable, and will not deform after sitting for a long time. The dot matrix distribution on the bottom of the cushion and back cushion, ten thousand anti-slip particles, so that even if you are on the glass or oily cushion, the cushion can be stable and not fall.

After more than 3 years of research and development, we continue to replace the AI learning system, choose different silent motors, airbag sizes, distribution methods, and fitting fabrics and other accessories, and finally form a relaxing, comfortable, and automatic body that fits the hips, waist, and cervical spine It is an inflatable seat cushion that can dance the buttocks, waist, and cervical spine. This time they have brought the seat cushion and the integrated seat and cushion integrated product. Now we will meet you on kickstarter and look forward to your support and likes.

To learn more about Airbag Massage Seat Cushion visit page on Kickstarter.

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