The Veymax X3 Series At A Bargain Price
The latest electric skateboard – the Veymax X3 Series. From the specs, this thing has the potential to disrupt the electric skateboard market.

Skating is now regarded as an activity in many countries rather than a fun outdoor sport. The skateboarding industry has seen several new skateboard premieres over the years, with electric skateboards gaining momentum. A large number of new riders  have launched e boards, and Veymax has also launched a basic electric skateboard that is more suitable for beginners, no matter its affordable price and complete functions.

Most decent electric skateboards start at $500, but Veymax offers this well-priced cruiser for entry-level riders who don’t want to spend a ton, and the Veymax X3 Series is just as reliable as its higher-end models.

Enables a lower, more stable ride

The Veymax X3 Series sports high quality build materials and trucks for an even lower, more stable ride.

What really sets the Veymax X3 Series apart is its build. Given the needs of commuters, the Veymax X3 series has a range of 13 miles (the X3 PRO version has a range of 18 miles), which is impressive. For commuters, this is a very necessary parameter.

The Veymax X3 Series is a flex bamboo, Canadian Maple and fiberglass build that also speaks to the quality of the materials used. Therefore, this board is very strong and suitable for some beginners. Because it gives them better control over the board without having to think about agility.

The Veymax X3 Series is also a speed powerhouse. Sporting a top speed of 29 miles per hour, it absolutely flies around on city streets and school campuses. It also means that it’s important to remind readers and potential riders that it’s always a great idea to wear pads and helmets when riding personal electric transportation solutions at anything close to this kind of speed.

The opposite of acceleration, and perhaps even more important, is braking. The Veymax X3 Series has built-in brakes that allow the rider to slow the board down to a complete stop. They are extremely effective and it’s worth taking the time to get familiar with the braking capability of the board before you lay into the accelerator too much. Also, easing into the brake instead of slamming it on, as it will buck you off if you’re not careful.

Very convenient for short travel

The superior of the Veymax X3 Series isn’t just about an affordable price, but rather is a key feature for commuters looking for a solution for the last mile. Personal electric transportation solutions are great for getting to a bus stop and from the bus stop to work/school/the local ice cream parlor, and can make public transit a real option for many consumers that live or work too far from the nearest stop.

For some, their home is just over a mile from the nearest bus stop and on the other end, it’s just under a mile to the coffee shop where they normally work. Having an electric skateboard makes those legs of the journey that much more practical as they plan out the day.

The small size of an electric skateboard also makes it that much easier to use to get to and from bus and rail stations. Why carry more weight around when a lighter-than-bike board like the Veymax X3 Series can do the job with less bulk?

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