A CHANGING ROAD: Waco to Acadiana to the Cretaceous – an Inspiring Read That Dives Into the Life Journey of C. G. Tyner



Author C.G. Tyner has released his latest book, “A Changing Road: Waco to Acadiana to the Cretaceous,” a sequel to his first book, “The Journey, Growing Up in the 40s and 50s.” This book is a continuation memoir of his journey through life, starting with being awarded a four-year athletic scholarship to Baylor University, Waco, Texas, after winning the Texas State Discus title as a high school senior in 1957.

“A Changing Road” takes readers through Tyner’s challenges and experiences in the classroom, at track meets, and on amazing geology department-sponsored field trips. The book culminates with summer jobs handling dynamite on a seismograph crew in the alligator and lethal water moccasin-infested marshes and swamps in the Cajun country of South Louisiana. The memoir is filled with exciting and inspiring stories of Tyner’s personal and professional adventures and enhanced with stunning color illustrations, adding depth and richness to the vivid descriptions.

As a semi-retired geoscientist with BS and MS degrees from Baylor University, Tyner brings knowledge and experience to his writing. His expertise in geology shines through in “A Changing Road,” as he provides readers with a unique perspective on the world around us and concludes with an extraordinary ending that he claimed proved to be “forever life changing.”

Tyner’s “A Changing Road: Waco to Acadiana to the Cretaceous” is a must-read for anyone interested in geology, memoirs, or simply looking for an inspiring read. The book is available now on Amazon and other major book retailers.

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