A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies Helps to Clean Up With Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Mount Vernon, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 04/22/2022 — A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies, the industry leader in providing quality eco-friendly detergents to keep commercial, industrial, and recreational equipment and facilities clean, is pleased to feature a slate of industrial cleaning supplies to businesses in New York City, Medford, Bridgeport, Brooklyn, Norwalk, New Windsor, and the surrounding areas. They have a full line of cleaning chemicals that are environmentally safe, along with several different cleaning machines that will make fast work of your large-scale cleaning needs.

Keeping the large vehicles and equipment clean is important so that organizations maximize their useful life. Part of that involves having the right machines to use on this equipment and surfaces, including power washers. With models including both gas and electric, they are sure to have the right cleaning equipment that will keep things working as they should.

This equipment can also be used on appropriate surfaces such as concrete and asphalt to keep those surfaces looking like new. Between the water pressure offered as well as the ability to heat the water, and coupling those with a proper cleaning chemical, clients will have beautiful sidewalks, entryways, buildings, and more.

They offer several different cleaner options that are designed for specific industries and applications. One option is the Magic Clean industrial cleaner which is designed to handle tough grease and oil that builds up on different equipment and mechanisms. Heavy equipment engine bays and chassis or other applications where oil and grease are a constant are perfect candidates for this industrial cleaner.

Other options depending on your needs include the XPO Fleet Wash, which is great for fleet vehicles that see road tar, bugs, and more grime from being on the road a lot. TrashX 24 is a great option for cleaning up dumpsters as well as garbage trucks and other vehicles that haul a variety of trash, eliminating the rotten smells that seem to permeate and hang around.

A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies has been providing quality industrial cleaning supplies for more than 50 years for a variety of applications.

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A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies has been on the cutting edge of detergent innovation since 1940. We are committed to providing quality products in New York City, Medford, Bridgeport, Brooklyn, Norwalk, New Windsor, and the surrounding areas you can trust to get the job done right. For more information, please visit www.safewashtech.com.

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