A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies Features Several Power Washers in Kearny, New Jersey, Westchester, Norwalk, Nassau, and the Surrounding Areas

Mount Vernon, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 07/26/2022 — A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies, the industry leader in providing quality eco-friendly detergents to keep commercial, industrial, and recreational equipment and facilities clean, now features a full line of power washers in Kearny, New Jersey, Westchester, Norwalk, Nassau, and the surrounding areas. Talk with their knowledgeable team today about cleaning needs and find out how this investment into a power washer can help keep different equipment clean and ready for action.

People always hear about power washers being used to clean sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces, but there are many other uses that people may want to consider. There are plenty of opportunities to clean a wider variety of equipment than many thought possible.

One option is to use a power washer to clean grills, both charcoal and gas grills. Charcoal grills are easiest because they have no electrical parts or gas to worry about, simply dump out the used charcoal and then it is ready to clean. Gas grills should have the gas disconnected as well as any electrical connections for starters, etc.

More uses include cleaning trailers, whether that is a boat trailer, sled trailer, or other form of trailer. These can get road grime and tar on them the more they are used, and keeping them clean helps to ensure that everything works as it should. Boats are another item that can benefit from a power washing as well to keep them looking clean and to prevent the spread of water-borne plants and animals.

More uses for power washers include cleaning outdoor furniture which has to stand up to the weather throughout the year. From chairs to tables and other outdoor furniture, the hot water from a power washer will help to strip off all of the dirt and grime. While you are cleaning the outdoor furniture, be sure to clean your fence as well since that also has to deal with the weather all year long.

Be sure that you take care when using a power washer as some materials can be damaged if the force of the water is too high or you have the nozzle too close to the object being cleaned. Wood can easily be damaged with a power washer unless care is taken. Lighter metals and paint could be stripped if care is not taken as well. Very hard surfaces like brick and concrete can stand up to the higher pressures, so keep the material being cleaned in mind.

A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies has been providing quality cleaning solutions for more than 50 years, including power washers for a variety of applications.

About A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies
A-1 Hydro. / Safe Wash Technologies has been on the cutting edge of detergent innovation since 1940. We are committed to providing quality products in Kearny, New Jersey, Westchester, Norwalk, Nassau, and the surrounding areas you can trust to get the job done right. For more information, please visit www.safewashtech.com.

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