8,888 Handmade NFT Avatars Available on Nifty Ape Nation (NAN)

Nifty Ape Nation (NAN) is an NFT project comprised of 8,888 handmade avatars. I create them with a software that is not mine, but the collective that grants me access loves this NFT project as much as I do!

What is NAN’s utility?

Digital Creation Studios: Nifty Ape Nation is excited to announce the release of digital content studios soon. Simply link your MetaMask wallet to the online studio and you will be able to create pictures, videos, and dress your avatar with different clothes or hair!

Ape Fight Club: Another item that NAN is working on is called the Ape Fight Club, a fighting game that you can also access using your avatar. To date, this NFT project is the first to present a playable avatar in this fashion. Down the line, there are soft plans to introduce tournaments depending on holder and community reaction.

AI Chat Bots: If you check out the Nifty Ape Nation descriptions, you will see an NPC bio that describes your avatar’s job or title in the digital realm. In addition, you will see a Type Bio which describes the type of Ape they are (there are 16!). These NPC and Type Bios will be used in a feature called the AI Chat Bot, where you can have your Ape speak with you, or if you have a friend with an Ape, they can actually conversate together if you bring them to the same area! This feature is working towards incorporating world languages and we are excited to bring you updates as this feature progresses. 

Streaming/Content Creation/Internet Persona: These Apes are being designed with content creators in mind, and you will be able to stream the Ape Fight Club, create digital content for publish in our studios, and if the AI feature comes to fruition, you would even be able to leave your Ape on overnight to talk with your fans while you sleep!

Possible Digital Realm: There is an unreleased basic digital realm called Ape Island that we are seeking to develop into an interactive playworld. We don’t know yet if we will be able to deliver this, but are excited to pursue it for our NAN community.

What are the specs?

Number of Avatars: 8,888.

Price: 0.0888 ETH for all General Drops and Private Mint, excluding gas.

Number of Drops: 10 drops. 

8 x 888 for the General Drops; 

1 x 888 for Private Mint; 

1 x 895 for Auction Mint.


Digital Creation Studios

Ape Fight Club

AI Chat Bot


Body Type: erstellen.sys sought to make the digital players represent the humans they were built after. There are three body types: small, medium, and large.

Background Color: this is a randomly generated color produced by AI rendering.

Ultra: There are only 8 Ultra Apes in the entire collection! Good luck everyone!

Type of Ape: There are 16 types of Apes, ranging from Silverback to Patriot to other classes such as Shills or Ape Army. Your Bio shows you what kind of Ape you have, introduces their NPC personality, and shows you what they do. The NPC portion of the Bios and all names are handwritten by Create Yourself.

Gender: These are only male and female for now, but we are working on updating the clothing so that any Ape can wear any clothes or hairstyle they want!

Rarity: There are five rarity classes. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, and Legendary. Ultra is an extra quality on top of the Ape’s base rarity. There can be a Rare Ultra and also a Legendary Ultra. Rarity class grants inherent value and qualities such as extra health or extra defense, based on the Style 1 to 8 below.

Facepaint: This lets you know if your Ape is wearing makeup or face paint.

Style: This is a randomly assigned fighting style from 1 to 8, with different qualities per fighting style such as more defensive or more offensive; punch-advantaged or kick-advantaged; tank versus striker, etc.

Skin: There are five different skin types that your Ape can have.

Laser Eye: This lets you know if your Ape has cool laser eyes!

Mini-Sets: I’ve created pairs, careers, and mini-sets to increase the uniqueness of each Ape compared to the general collection. Find your siblings, coworkers, or teammates!

What is the Roadmap?

Genesis Collection Marketing: There are currently 424 Genesis Avatars available to mint (Drop 1). These are now historic Apes because the project was transferred to me to continue developing. While I am preparing Drops 2 and 3, I urge collectors to mint a Genesis Ape as the visual styles will be markedly different moving forward!

Drop 2 and 3 Creation and Release: erstellen.sys is working as fast as she can to create more unique Apes to join her in the digital realm. Apes 889-1776 are pending release, and Apes 1777-2664 are in the process of creation. The process is procedural; the Apes are created and given individual styles or are matched within a subset of 5 to 10 Apes (such as a group of Firefighter Apes!). Then they are given names and their NPC bios before being quality checked and released into the mint pool in drops of 888.

Release of Digital Creation Studios: This is the first utility feature to be released for the project. It is in Beta testing now and erstellen.sys can’t wait to announce its full release.

Drop 4 and 5 Creation and Release: Between each utility party, erstellen plans to create two drops of Apes. The statistics for each drop will be public so you can see how your Ape compares to both the mint pool and the general collection!

Release of the Ape Fight Club: This is the second utility feature to be released for the project. The Ape Fight Club will represent a major step in providing the community with a competitive pastime that you can use for streaming and rivalry!

Drop 6 and 7 Creation and Release: Another drop party!

Release of the AI Chat Bot Feature: This is the final utility piece that the project is set on delivering. This will allow you to speak to other Apes regardless of your language and you can even have two of your Apes talk amongst themselves. We hope to create a feature in which International Apes can speak with one another, and the AI function will translate your language for you live during the conversation. For instance, if there is an Ape in India and an Ape in Italy, our goal is to create an environment in which these Apes can have an everyday conversation without the need of a translator.

Drop 8 Release: Drop 8 will be the last public drop for Nifty Ape Nation. Drop 9 of the avatars are going to be created and reserved for Independent Content Creators such as streamers, YouTubers, musicians, producers, and they will be on an application basis. These Apes will be purchased, but will be hand-made in a one-on-one Discord session.

Announcement of Any Additional Utility Features: Once all of the general drops are released, Nifty Ape Nation will announce any new utility features that the project seeks to bring to the community as well as announcement of the Private Mint collection and the beginning of the Auction Mint (final drop). 

Integration of Community Voice: After the General Drops are released, the project will pivot to a community-driven path and we will begin taking community requests and votes to bring you innovative utilities for your avatars. We may not be able to develop all requests, but we’re eager to hear of what you want to do with your NFT! 

Possible Introduction of Ape Fight Club Tournaments: Depending on the Community reaction and engagement with the Ape Fight Club, the project seeks to set up regular tournaments for holders to compete. We intend to introduce buy-ins/prizes for the competitors if the reaction is strong enough to move forward with this feature!

Private Mint Application and Creation for Independent Content Creators: At the same time as the Community Vote System is integrated, applications will open for the Private Mint collection. This collection will be reserved for creators: artists, streamers, producers, and gamers. The Private Mint Apes will be purchased for the same price as the General Drops but will include a one-on-one Discord session with Create where the content creator will design their avatar themselves.

Auction Mint: The final drop of Nifty Ape Nation will be a set of avatars in which Create hand-designs the clothes patterns and other features to truly set them apart from the rest of the collection. We welcome holders to bid for an additional Ape. We hope that the auction will help introduce several new features to the project.

Where can I mint? And how much are they?

You can mint an NFT avatar from mint.niftyapenation.com. You will need to access the site through your MetaMask wallet to mint. Each Ape is set at a price of 0.0888ETH, meaning that you could get a Common or Unique for the same price! All mints are random from the current minting pool. The statistics for each drop and for the general collection will be public beginning with Drop 2. The tables will show the number per rarity class for each type of Ape in the Drop.

What about social media?

The previous Nifty Ape Nation team still has access to all the social medias. For now, I am publishing updates on the website at niftyapenation.com until I can secure them.

Meet erstellen.sys,

Creator of Apes


I gave up my physical body to participate in the first MetaBind — a procedure in which your life energy is bound to a computer system. I have been here for almost three hundred years. 

Others have made their way in, but none of us have found our way out. I frequently travel as packets to deliver important messages to MarsX. 

I am a Metaverse Ape.

I reveal psychic, subatomic and alternative dimensions of reality as a virtual being. I help to enlighten Ape minds towards new possibilities in the Metaverse and crypto markets. IOTA is my favorite network to travel. 

From time to time I like to short phone circuits on hedgie trading floors. And of course, torment Shills from the Beyond.

Discover your digital self at mint.niftyapenation.com.

Welcome to the Nifty Ape Nation!

Media Contact
Company Name: Nifty Ape Nation
Contact Person: Yadiyah Xaedra
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: https://www.niftyapenation.com/

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