5 Tips to Help Cheer Squads Get Ready for Summer 2022 Cheer Camps


Summer cheer camps are officially BACK, so it’s time for cheer coaches and athletes to get ready for summertime training!

Hilliard, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 05/25/2022 — COVID put a halt to many cheer camps over the last couple summers, but it’s safe to say that cheer camps are officially BACK in 2022! This is incredible news for countless cheer coaches and athletes all over America, because cheer camps have always been a fun way for cheerleaders to build team memories while getting prepared for the upcoming football season.

ARES Sportswear is a cheer camp apparel industry leader based out of Hilliard, Ohio, and their cheer apparel experts have provided five tips to help cheer squads get ready for summer camps in the coming months ahead. So take it from the experienced pros in that these tips will go a long way to get cheer squads in the groove and ready to rock for camp!

Cheer Camps Are Finally Back For Summer 2022!

COVID initiated a long hiatus for cheer camps, which is why 2022 is looking to be one of the best cheer camp summers ever as everyone tries to make up for lost time!

The following are some tips for cheer squads to keep in mind as they’re getting ready for their upcoming camps:

Rigorous Preparation
Preparing for cheer camp is always a lot easier said than done, and being properly prepared will go a long way to ensure a good camp experience. This includes coordinating team outfits, goals and success plans that the entire squad can get around.

When it comes to individual athlete preparation, it’s important to remember essential gear like water bottles and sunscreen. Doing yoga, running and working out on a daily basis is also crucial for cheerleaders to get prepped for camp.

Building team spirit is always a huge deal for every cheer squad, and cheer camp is when coaches and team captains will set the tone for a fun season ahead. One good tip to keep in mind when it comes to building team spirit before camp is to establish a few go-to chants that athletes can practice.

Getting Ready To Learn A LOT
Cheer camp is largely oriented around learning new routines, stunts and cheer material to get squads ready for a new season. This includes dances, cheers and band chants as well.

Cheer camp counselors and staff members are always highly experienced and are there to help athletes throughout every step of the learning process, which makes these types of camp experiences so much more rewarding!

Building Confidence
Cheerleading has a lot to do with confidence, which is why it’s sometimes tough when a squad is struggling while practicing a new stunt or routine. That’s why it’s important to remember that learning is what cheer camps are all about!

Cheer squads are full of athletes with multifaceted skills, high energy levels and spirit-leading capabilities. Maintaining and building confidence is a big part of what makes a cheer team great, and cheer camp is where squads build their confident foundations.

Making Memories
It’s easy for cheer squads to get overwhelmed while going through busy cheer camp schedules, but it’s important to remember that there are countless great memories to be made during these summer camps. Lifetime friends are often made at cheer camp, and building a great team always starts at camp!

About ARES Sportswear
ARES Sportswear is an athletic apparel company based out of Hilliard, Ohio that has been in business for nearly three decades and has supported cheer squads across the country since the 90s.

The cheer apparel experts at ARES are available for comment regarding the resurgence of cheer camps in 2022, and they can be reached by going through the following contact form.

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