5 Reasons to Save for a Medical Aid Scheme

5 Reasons to Save for a Medical Aid Scheme

Medical schemes are perceived as a costly instrument that requires one to save money for the annual premium. With the rising need for effective healthcare services and the changing lifestyle, medical schemes are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Even though it seems like a big task to save for the medical aid premium, this is one effort that will get you sweet results.

Bearing an annual premium will provide you multiplied savings in return, in terms of cutting down on your healthcare costs. Here are five reasons why you should save for a medical aid scheme:

Savings During an Emergency –Medical plans are designed to cover the treatment costs during an emergency. A medical aid scheme covers all costs like the hospital charges, medical bills and the practitioner’s fee. Depending on your budget, you can select between a hospital plan and a comprehensive plan. Both the plans offer cover for hospital charges, but the comprehensive ones offer cover for the regular medical expenditure too. This ultimately ensures that a medical emergency doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and drain your savings.
Covering Daily Medical Expenditure – The costs of day to day medicines, tests and health check-ups can quickly add up to become a hefty sum annually. Most medical schemes cover such regular medical costs. Once you are covered by medical aid, you can use these savings towards payment of the scheme premium. However, there is a threshold to the number of expenses covered.
Access to Doctors –Another heavy medical expense that one needs to bear is the cost of visiting a doctor. With a medical scheme, you will have unlimited access to some of the best doctors and pharmacists in South Africa. The cost of visiting the doctors, hospitals and pharmacists in their network, for an emergency or otherwise, is generally covered by the scheme. Most medical aid schemes even allow the beneficiaries to take advantage of the plan’s medical network.
Covering Medical Costs of Your Family –While you need to pay the premium only for a single medical aid plan, the benefits can be enjoyed by your family members too. Emergency medical costs of the beneficiary are also covered by many medical schemes. Most plans even allow you to add a beneficiary at a later stage so that new addition to the family doesn’t strain your pocket.
Cover for Chronic Illness –When suffering from a chronic illness, regular medication and doctor visits are imperative. For this purpose, there are several medical schemes in South Africa that have been tailored to cover the complete costs of people suffering from ailments like cancer or other chronic illness. Paying a fixed premium for a medical scheme will be a better alternative than bearing the fluctuating costs of treatment in such cases.

These are some of the benefits offered by a medical scheme. Saving money to meet its premium might seem like a costly ask. But it will ultimately result in cost savings on all medical expenses.

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