5 Pre-Workout Tips by Fitness and Lifestyle Guru Nathan Goestenkors

Health is a treasure that needs to be kept sacred and utilized to maintain and improve. Working out and eating well consistently is a good way to achieve that goal, but there may be a few things one might not be doing correctly. Every person that works out has a routine or a dietary plan, and most workout gurus and coaches focus on those two things. But there is one crucial part of a routine that begins before the workout. It is the pre-workout, and very few people know its importance. Earlier this week, Nathen Goestenkors revealed to press his pre-workout routine. Nathan is a successful entrepreneur in the fitness & lifestyle industry, and luckily, we have his five effective pre-workout tips.

According to Nathan Goestenkors, “Your pre-workout is like your preparation before a performance. You must make the right choices and have a plan of action ready. If you don’t focus on your pre-workout, you are probably losing on some gains.” Now let’s get into the tips from Nathan. 


“The first and most important tip is to hydrate yourself, after all, it is a necessity, and you would want to have the needed capacity of water present in your body before you start a heavy workout,” says Nathan. He further explained that not hydrating can cause dizziness during a workout, and one doesn’t want that happening when they have some weight over them. Nathan recommends high PH reverse osmosis water for the best hydration. 

Fuel Up

The second tip interpreted from Nathan’s interview is to fuel up, meaning “eat something.” However, it does depend on the type of workout and goals. If one wants to lose weight, they would want to maintain a calorie deficit daily, but if one already has the desired weight and is working out to gain muscle, they must fuel up in a timely manner before starting the workout. Once the calories are in the system, it’s possible to go hard on the workout and make the calories count. “Eat the pre-workout meal at least an hour and a half before the workout,” recommends Nathan, “This gives your body time to process the food.”  He also recommends making sure carbs and proteins are on the menu.

Pre-Workout Supplement

The next tip is to have a pre-workout supplement. A pre-workout supplement is not always necessary but will benefit the workout. One can have a protein supplement or an energy supplement depending on the needs and caloric intake goals. The right pre-workout supplement will help the body direct the blood flow towards the muscles and provide energy to support the workout. “Take the supplement 30-45 mins before your workout,” says Nathan. He also recommends his partnered brand Flare Pre-Workout, which can be found at http://www.FlarePre.com

Have A Game Plan

The second last tip is to have a game plan ready. “Check your workout itinerary before you start the workout, and check things off as you go,” says Nathan. He explained that it’s not a good idea to start any workout without a plan. This can lead to wasted time and wasted gains. 

Stretches And Cardio

“The final tip to make your workout effective is to start or end your workout with stretches and cardiovascular exercises,” Nathan asserts. Stretches condition the muscles and joints to improve workouts and prevent injury. Cardio will condition the heart and activate the pre-workout meal and supplement present in the digestive system to make the workout productive and effective. 

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