5 Electric Bike Charging Tips to Extend Battery Life Stated by HOVSCO E-Bikes US

Whether people are enjoying an afternoon boat trip in the park or commuting in morning traffic, all e-bike systems need to function properly if one wants to be able to ride an e-bike with ease. Among the accessories of electric bicycles, the battery is an essential part. Hovsco is always looking for a better riding experience and a better battery. Here are five e-bike charging tips to make the e-bike battery last longer.

Tip No. 1: Charge a New Electric Bike Battery for 12 Hours

Take the time to fully charge a new electric bike’s battery for up to 12 hours when first get it. It ensures current is flowing through all the cells and helps condition the battery right out of the box.

Tip No. 2: Charge Ebike Battery Regularly

Regular charging and regular use can extend the battery life of e-bikes and most e-bikes. Of course, it is not necessary to fully discharge the battery of an e-bike most of the time. Instead, it charges when the battery is between 30% and 60% charged. However, some battery experts recommend a full discharge occasionally, perhaps every 30 to 40 charges. Otherwise, use the 30% to 60% guideline. Regularly charge e-bike batteries, as people need to ride regularly, so make this another reason to get out and about.

Tip No. 3: Avoid Temperature Extremes

Like most e-bike riders, e-bike batteries feel the same way about the weather. Moderate temperatures are best. Avoid extreme temperatures whenever people use or charge e-bike batteries. If the battery is to be charged, it should be placed in an environment where the temperature is above freezing and the extreme temperature is not higher than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. But why? During charging, the temperature should be between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip No. 4: Don’t Overcharge an Electric Bike Battery

Leaving an e-bike battery on the charger for long periods of time is not a good idea – a few days or more is ideal. Doing so may cause the battery to discharge, keeping it at 95% of its original capacity. The charger then charges it to 100%. A series of light discharges and charges will result in a poor charge cycle. Use the timer on the mobile device to remind people to remove the battery from the charger.

Tip No. 5: Don’t Store an Empty Battery

One may need to store e-bike batteries from time to time. Maybe because it’s going to be a vacation or maybe it’s too cold outside for a bike ride. However, instead of draining the battery, make sure it is at about 40% to 70% of its full capacity.Also, be aware that summer is approaching and people need to be more careful with e-bikes in hot weather.

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