5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing the wedding photographer is one of the most critical choices for the special day. It would be best if you looked for someone experienced for the job.

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From the choice of reception to the music to the guest list, there are so many important decisions to make during your wedding day that it becomes difficult to stay alert and careful in your choices and judgments until the end.

Instead of acting under the impulses of your induced anxiety, please take a deep breath and think about it before making a big decision. Before stress takes over your choices, remember these things when looking for the right person to capture your big day:

Don’t go unprepared

Before contacting anyone, especially your wedding photographer, inform yourself. Ask yourself a couple of key questions to narrow it down to what you’re looking for: What’s my ideal style? Do I have a theme? Do I prefer a classic, laid-back, or more spontaneous style?

Answering these questions before looking for a photographer will guide you in the right choice, helping you to select and reach professionals who have the right style and working method you want.


Don’t base your decision on the photographer’s portfolio alone

While selecting a photographer for his beautiful portfolio of work is a must, it may not be the only thing you factor in when deciding to book him. The photographer should also be compatible with your personality.

It would help if you felt comfortable in his presence during intimate moments, and the photographer needs to be respectful of your vision for the big day. In addition, the photographer should always be attentive to what you consider essential to shoot for your wedding.


Don’t underestimate the importance of the small details

It’s easy to focus on how you and your guests will be photographed during the event. But while the photographer’s skill in capturing human interactions is essential, the importance of detail is often forgotten. The floral decorations, the table arrangements are all crucial elements of the atmosphere of your wedding and deserve attention.

After all, selecting these details was not easy. When consulting with the prospective photographer, ask for examples of still life photos they have taken at previous weddings to get an idea of how they will display. No bride wants all her efforts in setting up the perfect day to be forgotten.


Please don’t accept a package until you know what it contains

When you find a photographer with all the correct numbers (talented, with whom you are comfortable, close to your style, sensitive, flexible and intelligent), it is easy to fall into temptation and sign without reading the contract in detail. While it’s boring, reading meticulously and understanding what’s included in the package is essential.

Before booking a wedding photographer, you should be clear about what kind of services you will receive. Will the moments before the ceremony or during the reception be filmed? Does the package include time for “prep” photos for the bride and groom? How many images will be delivered to me? Asking as many questions as possible ensures that everything is okay before, during and after your wedding.


Don’t forget the post-production details.

The event timeline is not the only timeline you should consider when choosing a wedding photographer and before signing the contract. It would help if you also had a clear sense of when your photos will be edited and ready to share with your friends and family after the event.

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5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer