As part of efforts to revamp the brand’s marketing strategies, the company has also brought in Fabian Gomez to bring on content creators and influencers with the goal of taking 40 Thieves Coffee to new heights

40 Thieves Coffee Company has announced the return of its Co-Founder, James Stewart. The move by the company was made in line with recent efforts at revamping the brand’s marketing strategies and managerial team to ensure a better outing in the coming new year.

James Stewart, who is also the Owner/ Founder of – a merchandise management company for online content creators, has expressed his excitement on being called back to join the exceptional management team of 40 Thieves Coffee Company.

“Since leaving 40 Thieves at the end of 2020, I was always hungry to get back into coffee. And when Darrion and I connected at his wedding and spoke to Fabian in Vegas the following week, I felt we had the pieces to the puzzle figured out.” – James Stewart.

The former boss at 40 Thieves Coffee Co-founded BZRK, a content creation organization whose members raised over $100,000 for charities this year. Together with his wife, James owns Athena Body Care, a handmade soap, bath bombs, and body care supplies. And is also the founder of Invader Supply, which he recently gave 50% ownership to his brother, as it rebrands as an NFT company.

Additionally, the brand has announced that Fabian Gomez will be joining the ownership team, to bring his wealth of experience in content and influencer marketing, to take the company to new heights. Fabian currently serves as the Community Manager for Skytech Gaming – a PC designer and builder out of Southern California. The talented manager has revealed that he is optimistic about the wonderful things they can all do together to help advance the company’s mission.

“Super excited to be a part of this business venture and be able to give “ElCafetero” a new meaning,” said Fabian, playing a joke on his Twitch username ElCafetero which means “the coffee grower.”

While 40 Thieves Coffee Company’s current owner, Darrion Simmons will remain as an owner, the new additions to his team will take effect from the 1st of January 2022. And is expected to see an improvement in its already exceptional product line, from Merchandise to Coffee Blends,  which already features some crazy flavors such as Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, and White Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake.

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