4 Advantages of Equipping Air Compressors With a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

The permanent magnet synchronous motor, referred to as PMSM, is actually an AC motor. Its stator runs with a three-phase difference alternating current, while its rotor is a permanent magnet. Do you know its advantages? Most of you may know that it can help save much electricity, and it’s true. But do you know other advantages? If not, Jiangsu Leili Motor Co., Ltd., a well-known micro-motor supplier with the ability of R&D and manufacture, will explain four major advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motor.

1. High efficiency

High quality synchronous motor factory finds that the high efficiency does not only mean that the efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motor at the rated power is higher than that of ordinary three-phase asynchronous frequency-controlled motor, but also refers to that the excitation field of permanent magnet synchronous motor is provided by permanent magnets in the whole speed range. And the rotor requires no excitation current, which increases the motor efficiency. It can save electricity at any speed point compared with asynchronous frequency-controlled motor, especially at low speed.

2. Low starting current and high starting torque

Due to the characteristics of the inverter, the asynchronous variable speed motor has low main magnetic field, low power factor, heavy starting current and small starting torque when starting at low frequency, while Jiangsu Leili permanent magnet synchronous variable speed motor that is made by a well-known China synchronous motor supplier, has constant main magnetic field, active stator current, low starting current and high starting torque.

3. Excellent energy consumption indicators

The energy consumption indicators of the motor are the product of motor efficiency and power factor. When asynchronous variable speed motor works under load, its efficiency, power factor, and energy consumption indicators decrease. However, the efficiency and power factor of Jiangsu Leili permanent magnet synchronous motor approximate a horizontal curve, and its energy consumption indicators are under full load even when the motor is only loaded, which further improves the electricity efficiency and power quality factor.

4. Small size and light weight

High-performance permanent magnet materials are used to provide magnetic field, which greatly enhances the air gap magnetic field and reduces the size and weight of a permanent magnet motor compared with induction motor.Based on the above advantages, permanent magnet synchronous motor is the best choice for inverter drive motor because it’s more efficient and energy-saving than ordinary three-phase asynchronous inverter motor!

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