3 Year Old Author Shanel Young Has a Powerful Message to Share With the World

The book entitled Shanel’s World carries the message that every child is unique and encourages children to celebrate the things that make them different from everyone else

Three-year-old Shanel Young is delighted to announce that she has published her first storybook with the help of her Mom on her birthday.

Shanel’s World, the new publication is the author’s debut work and was written to inspire children all over the world to celebrate the things that make them different from everyone else.

“Mommy and I wrote this book because we wanted to share a very important message with everybody. Mommy and Daddy always tell me to dream big and that I have many different talents and can do anything I put my mind to.”- Shanel Young

Shanel, who is a fun-loving child, has had a pretty rough childhood growing up with several food allergies. When she eats certain foods, it can lead to stomach pains and constant itchiness.

However, the beautiful and energetic child has remained undeterred through the painful experience and leads a life of fun and adventure, always willing to play hide and seek and indulge in other fun activities.

Shanel’s World encourages children just like her to celebrate the gifts, talents, and abilities they have and anything that makes them different and unique.

The book is now available for pre-order. Readers who would love to own a limited edition autographed copy can get one on the author’s website. 

Each autographed copy will be accompanied by a custom coloring sheet, designed to add fun and excitement to the wonderful experience of reading.

The parents of the talented author have also revealed that the proceeds from sales and donations will be directed into a college and business fund for Shanel, so she can live out her dreams and build a lasting legacy that will inspire and encourage children just like her.

Anyone interested in learning more about Shanel Young or donating to fund her education and other business ventures can reach out to her mom and dad via the contact info below.

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